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Cutdown Day


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And our kicker is...Randy Bullock. 

So the Bengals pass on the consensus number one kicker prospect in favor of Elliot. That guy goes in the seventh and wins a starting job. Bengals think they know better than everyone else and the result is a wasted fifth round pick.

Great job, as usual...

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Brandon Wilson not making the 53 is a surprise.  I guess he was basically hurt until the end so here's hoping he gets to the p squad.  If you watch the 3rd quarter right before the Colts fumbled it away, he laid out a running back who was on route for a touchdown.  He also made a pretty great boundary defense on a pass.  He had devastating speed and power.  That dude should be the new Peerman and get a few snaps on D.

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Diehlman must have disappointed to not beat out either Redmond, Westerman or Hopkins.   I still think Fat Dre gets his shot on quite a few plays if not start at some point.  But against  what I just said, I saw Fisher smoke a guy and drive him completely out of bounds so he's gotten stronger.

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