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Chargers Bolt from SD


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The NFL is so awash in cash that there are certain things they just don't pay attention to.

By almost any measure, letting this move happen is a mistake.  The only person that wants it is the Chargers owner.  He's too stupid to understand what's going to happen in LA, but that's what the other owners are for.  But I guess they can't be expected to police their own organization when they spend most of their time counting the piles of money the NFL helps them to.  

Sorry for the soap box, but one other significant way they're blowing it is on the competition committee.  This last weekends games basically all sucked.  The potential exists for this weekend to be the same.  The game is getting boring.  Everyone is so big, so fast, and so full of HGH that you can barely run plays anymore.  Anything you do, there's a 250 pound guy on you so fast that nothing has time to develop.  The college game is fun to watch because there's at least some room for interesting things to happen, there's time for things to develop.  The pro game?  Hey, let's throw another quick out to the receiver where he doesn't even run a route, just catches it and turns upfield to try for 3 or 4 yards.  They run that boring play all the time and I'm tired of it.  But they run it because it is a play that they can actually still run.  The receiver can catch the ball with at least a yard or two of separation.  In short, the guys have all gotten too big, too fast, and the game is too closely and successfully studied and schemed by the coaches.  It's dull.

Finally, how exciting will it be to see the Patriots in the Super Bowl this year?  Can't wait, can you?  Maybe they can play the Seahawks again!  Congratulations to New England, their coach has figured shit out to a level other coaches haven't.  And he's a winner, and I respect that.  But seeing the same team over and over on national tv, and deep in the playoffs, is boring.  I doubt anyone but New England fans really has the least bit of enthusiasm for seeing that team in the Super Bowl again.  To a lesser degree, the Steelers are another version of New England.  Both teams have benefited to an indeterminate degree from cheating.  It's an intangible, but it sure seems to have helped both organizations a whole lot.  The NFL needed to crack down in a more meaningful way than they did.  Both organizations reaped the benefits, but the penalties were, in the final anlysis, not effective.  4 games for Brady for deflating the balls, a draft pick and half a million in cash for taping other teams' walkthroughs?  Yawn.  Well worth it.  The whole thing has taken on a bit of a WWE flavor, as the good guys get swatted and a wink, and the bad guys incur real wrath.  Anyone can say,"well, just beat them, and you won't have to see them anymore."  Congratulations, the American ideal of the ends justifying the means.  The reality of the situation is the NFL's ratings are dropping significantly.  I'm a huge NFL fan, and a pretty typical one in most ways.  If the Super Bowl is New England - Seattle, there's good chance I won't even watch it.  So I don't need my team to beat the cheating organizations for me to stop having to watch them time and again on the tube.  I can just quit watching.  And that's what's happening, and that explains their ratings.  

They need to find a way to open the game up, and make offensive success less dependent on the quarterback position.  Some of these franchises spend 10 years sucking as they look for a decent QB.  It's stupid and doesn't have to be that way.  

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I didn't watch any of the games last weekend. Did listen to part of the Giants/Packers game since I was trapped in a car driving for 3 hours, but that's all. Won't be watching any of the upcoming games. Won't be watching the Super Bowl. 

I do however have to applaud the Chargers (and belatedly, the Rams) for providing some relief from the tedium you describe, COB. I mean, it will be funny watching two teams horrifyingly discover again that LA doesn't give two craps about football. Especially bad football.

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I feel bad for the die hards that get screwed but Fan "Passion" doesn't drive the profit.   I doubt the LA market is going to be rabid.   It will be like any other sports team that has existed there.   Relaxed attitude with variable interest.    

People will follow on TV or whatever form of viewing media has in store for us in the future.    These moves are vastly underrated, IMO by media and fans.   There were vast local revenue limitations in St. Louis and SD that the LA market will at least match.

Now LA may not maximize all the local based revenue you would expect out of a major city but they WILL NOT underperform what the team's could have gotten in SD or St. Louis.   Just no way.

Same with the Raiders potentially moving out of Oak into Las Vegas.  Oakland is tapped out local revenue wise.   Vegas is a new source local revenue


I do agree with the NFL being awash with TV money that it's hiding some problems.   The in-stadium experience is lacking and too expensive, IMO.  The flow of the game has gone down hill.   The quality of the game has gone down hill.    The league is facing huge reputation problems with Criminal behavior,  head injuries and appearing to be greedy bastards.

However,  I think they'll reach a 200 million dollar salary cap sooner rather than later as revenues will grow.   


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