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Where is our allegedly great pass rush?


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I saw some pretty good stuff Sunday.  That dimwitted qb in Pittsburgh is different from anyone else we'll face.  Our guys were yanking on his jersey, taking him down, and he was completing passes.  Probably only the Carolina qb can do anything close to that.  Several plays would have been, against almost any other qb, either sacks or throw away incompletions.  I also don't think we'll see our guys getting tackled right in front of the qb with no penalty called.  That was a weird game.  I still have faith in Dunlap, Geno, etc.  

Our linebackers will get better against the run when serial killer/mass murderer/terrorist/enemy of the state/evil doer Vontaze Burfict comes back in a couple weeks.  

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Not worried at all.   The D has been playing great, IMO.   The D-line has been executing the game plan.   There's many factors that aren't showing up in traditional good D-line stats like rushing yards and sacks.

At times the D-line has employed a Volleyball strategy that was mostly against the Jets but also against the Steelers.  Set up a block in the passing lane.  I think they have 6+ tipped balls so far.    They historically place an emphasis on keeping Ben in the pocket so they slow rush him and that worked very well. 

Time will tell as the season goes along but I think we are sitting on two top performances against the Jets/Steelers.  

Rushing D.   The Bengals played nickel mostly against the Jets.  Steelers DeAngelo had under 3 ypc as they were trying to sit on lead.    Both QBs face were rated in the 70s.  The Bengals are 2nd in Interceptions and that's with 3 easy dropped Ints (Williams vs. Jets off Hunt tip, Dre missed his second INT on Ben, and Iloka dropped one) 

All this and of course there was blatant holding not called against the Steelers.   



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