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Bengals Only Rounds 1 through 7


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Been doing a lot of studying lately to prepare for my expert level certifications so I haven't spent to much time with the draft this year but here is my picks going into April.


Round 1: Jaylon Smith, OLB, Notre Dame - This is assuming that Treadwell, Doctson, and Coleman are gone and history shows that WRs almost always go higher than the draft board suggests.  Minnesota is definitely going to pick one of those guys at 23 and I bet two of these WRs go in the teens.  Yes I know about the nerve damage but if his April 3rd medical checks out with no long term degenerative issues we should draft him here.  Just like Ogbuehi last year we can get a top ten talent and put him on the shelf for a year, we then replace the current Karlos Dansby with the next Karlos Dansby.

Round 2: Sterling Shepard, WR, Oklahoma - One of these guys will fall to us at 55 Shepard, Thomas, Braxton Miller, and Leonte Caroo and this means we don't have to reach for a WR at 24 if Treadwell, Doctson, and Coleman are gone (the only three WRs I have with a first round grade).  Shepard is lightning quick, his dad played in the NFL, and is smart.  While he does not have the size we typically look for he is too good to pass up here (I think he could be the next Antonio Brown they have similar comps).

Round 3: Max Tuerk, C, USC - Flexible, dynamic center has size and long arms.  Can play every position on the offensive line (and did for the Trojans).  Strong enough to man the center position but retain his flexibility (which IMHO is Bodine's problem).  Is coming off an ACL injury and that needs to be looked at and has a funny snap delivery that also much be checked out but is a steal here in the 3rd (I am projecting Kelly and Martin gone by the time we select in the 3rd).

Round 4: Matt Ioannidis, DT, Temple - Workhorse, powerful and a football junkie.  He was all over the field last year for the Owls. Strong as a bull (32 reps at the combine) and his tape jump off the screen.  Long term replacement for Peko and brings the intensity and leadership you are looking for.

Round 5: Keyarris Garrett, WR, Tulsa - This is a gamble because by all accounts he should go much higher (I have seen him as high as second round and as low as 5th).  TD Maker with good measurable.  Long, strong able to fight for the ball (6'3" 220 lbs) but still able to get deep (4.53 40) and has good leaping ability (36").  Comes from a gimmick offense that puts up inflated numbers but 20 TDs in a season is still 20 TDs in a season and this would be a gold mine for the Bengals if they were to grab him this late (I wouldn't be mad if they grabbed him the 3rd).

Round 6: Deiondre Hall, CB, Northern Iowa - This would be another steal.  Played at a 1-AA school but did everything for Northern Iowa.  Has the height (6'2") Arms (longest arms of any CB prospect in the draft) and leaping ability (37") to contend with anyone.  Ran a slow 40 (4.68) but looks like he plays much faster than that on film.  Slow 40 and coming from a small school pushes him down the draft but he has all the measurables and the skill to be a really good CB/S hybrid in the pros.

Round 7: Marshall Morgan, K, Georgia - Round 7 is a good place to pick up a kicker to compete with Nugent.  Morgan has a strong leg and lets face we love those Georgia Bulldogs.

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Tuerk would be a great pick.  Versatile enough to provide depth or emergency fill in at multiple positions, and still good enough to push our combine warrior center who clearly needs pushed.  Really hope you're right on that pick.

Congrats on going for your expert level certification.  What field?  

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Love the Jaylon Smith pick.  He's exactly what the D needs. I'm crossing my fingers on the medical rechecks and hoping he still slips through to 24.  I like Shepard, but I'm not sure he'll fall to them in the second.  Maybe they can get Carroo in the third?

Who else do you like in the first if the top three WR's are gone and Smith is a no go based on medical?  

There’s an interesting blog post at NFLtintedorange.blogspot.com with a Bengals big board .  He mocks out the top ten to take out the guys that definitely won’t be available for Cincy (and to take out a few of the OT’s).  It’s kind of nice, it makes for a more streamlined list of who they should look at.   

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Below, some of the small school talent that I like in the mid rounds.




Chris O'Meara/Associated Press

3. Javon Hargrave, DT, South Carolina State

Interested in a three-technique that gets upfield? Hargrave's your guy. Not unlike Geno Atkins coming out of Georgia a few years ago, Hargrave will be seen as a one-trick pony. But that trick -- getting after the quarterback as a penetrator up front -- is pretty important. Expect him to be selected in the third round, like Atkins.

6. Ryan Smith, CB, North Carolina Central

Every year, at least one or two corners from a non-FBS team make it into the top four rounds of the draft. Smith's athleticism, closing speed and ball skills (seven interceptions, 24 pass breakups as a four-year starter) caught the eye of scouts. The ability Smith displayed as a kickoff returner in his senior year only increases his value to teams that were already looking at him as a third- or early fourth-round pick.

7. Miles Killebrew, S/OLB, Southern Utah

Killebrew joins Cowser as likely mid-round picks from the Thunderbirds. NFL teams will be split in their projections of the 6-2, 217-pound defender. Some will consider him a fit as a safety in their scheme, others as a weakside linebacker. Either way, he comes downhill in a hurry to hit ball carriers.

10. DeAndre Houston-Carson, CB/S, William & Mary

Houston-Carson is exactly the type of versatile secondary leader that teams need in today's NFL. Experienced as a press corner and free safety, he can line up all over the field to neutralize receivers. "DHC" will be graded as a Cortez Allen-type corner by some, a safety by others and a 'tweener by doubters. I compare him to Green Bay Packers hybrid defender Micah Hyde, who plays an integral role on the Packers' defense. Like Hyde, Houston-Carson will likely end up a fourth- or fifth-round pick (Hyde went in the fifth round in the 2013 draft) unless a team sees him as a sure-fire starter at corner.


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1 hour ago, TJJackson said:

I think it would still be a good idea to draft this guy with a 6 or a 7 if he is still available at that point

put him on the shelf for a year like Ogbeuhi, and if he never plays again - well, it only cost a 6 or 7

It's tempting, but I'd say no. We need help on Special Teams and the lower rounds is a great place to find that. Of all people, you can appreciate that! :) Unfortunately, we just don't have the luxury of extra picks this year...

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Agreed on the special teamers, but I still think taking a chance on a potential top 10 talent is worth it.

Besides, you also get special teamers (and occasionally stars, see Burfict, Vontaze) in the UDCFA frenzy that immediately follows the last draft selection, and in general there isn't much difference between a player drafted in r7 and a undrafted player

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