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Bengals @ 49ers Pregame Chatter/Game Thread


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They should be fine with McCarron if he doesn't turn the ball over and/or throw pick-6's of course. You have to think that's more about experience, at least I hope.  If not, I really have to question the job Zampese is doing with these guys, too prone to making critical mistakes.  Makes you wonder if Zampese really is a problem because it seems AJ is making the same bone-headed throws/decisions as Dalton is prone to do.  Sure it happens - but my God it happens so often here.

I don't really see how Dalton only misses a week with a broken thumb on his throwing hand, even if it's a "micro-fracture." 

The Bengals' should be seething going into this game, at least you'd think so, so I expect a trouncing.  I'm much more interested to see how they play vs playoff teams like Denver going forward, we know they can beat up on bad teams, but the offense really seems to struggle in big games still. 

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11 minutes ago, HoosierCat said:

With Dalton apparently out for a while and McCarron taking over under center, the Bengals need a new clipboard holder. Per PFT, they have contacted Christian Ponder and Ryan Mallet.

Oh. My. God.

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