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Guess the First Pick


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Well, we're almost there...finally. So before the big day dawns, where are you going to lay your maker for the 21st pick. Trading is allowed but you must specify the trade and the player taken at the new pick.

Winners will receive a fabulous vacation package to Tau Ceti, as soon as warp drive becomes available.

I'm going to be boring, say they stick at 21 and the pick is OT Jake Fisher.

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Tackles Andre Smith and Andrew Whitworth are in contract years, and the Bengals have to start thinking about life without Whitworth, who will turn 34 in December. The entire defensive line could use some depth reinforcements. Safety is an issue because of depth.

I'd love to see a kick ass DB/B/S taken! If Trae Waynes, CB, Michigan State or Kevin Johnson, CB, Wake Forest are still on the board when we draft, I say go for it. Would love to get a top notch WR to help out Green too!

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What an exciting draft. The Bengals could go either route on various positions or trade up or down as they see fit. Nothing is set in stone for the Bengals this year.

I really think the 21st pick is going to be driven not only by how the coaches view the incumbents on the roster but also injury recovery.

If Eifert (and maybe even Gresham) are struggling then perhaps a TE id their first pick. If Marvin Jones is still dinged then perhaps a WR. If Burfict doesn't look like he's going to be ready then perhaps LB will be the shout.

I don't think they'll go CB with Kirkpatrick and Dennard as the heirs apparent. D-line?? It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

I'm gonna say the Bengals stick at No. 21 and take Andrus Peat

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I don't think Malcom Brown will be there, but i'm thinking Andrus Peat will be.

I know what Whit is saying, but you can't have enough guys of that caliber and he could always take a season at RT.

We also all are well aware that injuries can happen at any time. If Whit were to go down, we would be screwed.

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Option 1a - they stay put and draft Ereck Flowers at #21.

Option 1b - they trade up for a player they like who slides a bit into the mid-upper teens. I'll call a trade with KC for #21, #117 and #149. The Bengals draft Malcom Brown at #18.

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With guys like Gregory and Ray slipping, I'm going to predict one of them (whoever is there - Gregory, if both are there.)

I think the key OT prospects will all be gone - Fisher, Collins, Peat, Flowers, Sherf... don't reach on the injured OT Ogbuehi.

If there is not one of the red flag DE/LBs there, please please take the best available wideout - Parker, Green Beckam, ..

if they go DT Brown, then please take one of the better WR options in r2 - Coates, Dorsett, Smith, Funchess. In fact, Funchess wuld be an ideal Bengals style pick.

Consider this as a late kingWilly 3 round mock.

r1 - DE/LB - Randy Gregory - nebraska

r2 - WR/TE - Devin Funchess - MIchigan

r3a - DT - Grady Jarrett - Clemson

r3b - S - Cody Prewitt - Mississippi

or maybe it looks like this

r1 - OT - Flowers

r2 - WR - Devin Smith

r3a - LB- Denzel Perryman

r3b - TE - Tyler Kroft - Rutgers

Either of those would be fine by me.

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