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Indianapolis @ Cincinnati Game Thread


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Almost to the end of the fake games! Not that it matters much since anyone with so much as a hurt feeling will sit out the game, but practice reports today have Dennard, Gresham, BJGE, Pacman, Burkhead, McCarron, Peerman, Wright, Still and Troy Hopkins all out. Burfict working on the side.

Per Hobs, Hopkins' injury is serious but not season-ending. With Rex reportedly walking w/o crutches or a limp recently maybe he ends up on the IR/return thing.

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Once again, cheap tickets to catch the game 5 rows up on the 40 yard line.

My son loves the stadium and getting so close to the players.

It's always a good time, fake or not.

Envy you Army! I haven't even seen PBS or The Great American Ballpark. Been here in Florida since 1981.

BTW game 4 is one of my favorites now, because I like to focus in on the guys who are fighting for the final 53.

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anybody have a good option to watch the game online without having to pay or join a site.

I think that first row sports site is still around, just under another url again this year. Google will probably find it. But you know the quality is iffy and lord knows what crap it puts on your computer.

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