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Throwback jerseys


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Does anyone here know of any article written in recent memory which addresses the matter of the Bengals and throwback jerseys (or have any personal knowledge on the subject)? I've long wanted to see them play one game in the old ones simply because I was never able to see them in them when they were current. Has there been some obscure game in the past when throwbacks were worn? They seem to be popular elsewhere all over the league for a once-in-a-while gag, but not in Cincinnati.

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I've never seen them worn again since they were updated to the striped helmets and unis.

However, if you happen to swing by the house on a weekend and I've had a few, you might find me tossing the football to myself in the backyard with my old Bengals helmet and a Kenny Anderson throwback jersey on. I'm really pretty awesome if truth be known. I fake a handoff, then drop back and throw it deep. With my amazing speed, i'm somehow able to run and catch my own pass for a touchdown. The celebrations are pretty epic as well.

I'll throw a steak on the grill for you and even let you sit at the picnic table and cheer me on.

Good times !!!


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The bengals wore the throwback uniform at home against the patriots in the 1994 season, which if I remember correctly was the 75th anniversary of the nfl? Can't remember if they wore them in an away game, thankfully most of that season is now a distant memory ;)


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