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Bratkowski back with Bengals


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Bob's a loyal family capo without a job, so I can't say I'm all that surprised that Mikey snuck him onto the payroll in a vague "consultant" role. According to Dehner, Sideshow Bob's new gig is a "very outside" one where he'll be available to opine on any subject Marvin sees fit to query him on. Given the circumstances of BB's departure -- Lewis was interviewing and offering a gig to Childress a week before Brat got axed! -- I can't imagine anything Marvin would want to ask him. Maybe, "hey Bob, would you rather I kicked you in your left nad or your right nad," something like that.

It's just dismaying to see this barnacle -- hey, new nickname, Barnacle Bob! -- reattach itself to the team. But that's Mike effin' Brown for ya.

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