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US Patent Office Revokes Redskins Trademark

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And sh*t just got real for Snyderbrenner...

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has canceled the Washington Redskins trademark registration, calling the football team’s name “disparaging to Native Americans.”

The landmark case, which appeared before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, was filed on behalf of five Native Americans. It was the second time such a case was filed.

“This victory was a long time coming and reflects the hard work of many attorneys at our firm,” said lead attorney Jesse Witten, of Drinker Biddle & Reath.

Federal trademark law does not permit registration of trademarks that “may disparage” individuals or groups or “bring them into contempt or disrepute.” The ruling pertains to six different trademarks associated with the team, each containing the word “Redskin.”

“We are extraordinarily gratified to have prevailed in this case,” Alfred Putnam Jr., the chairman of Drinker Biddle & Reath, said. “The dedication and professionalism of our attorneys and the determination of our clients have resulted in a milestone victory that will serve as an historic precedent.”


I say good for them.

It's worth noting this is the second time the patent office has ruled this way, but a 1999 ruling got overturned in 2003 on a technicality.

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It'll have to wind its way through the courts, but yeah, TJ's right, money talks. And since merchandising revenue is divvyed up leaguewide, Snyder being a hardass will cost all the owners, and they never like that. It'll probably be years before the legal battle is over, though.

I have no idea why Snyder just doesn't get out in front of the issue and change the damn name. They wouldn't be the first NFL team to change names (see "Oilers"). Since they already have the whole "Hogs" bit going, just change it to "Pigskins" and make the logo a badass-looking hog.

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Just stupid PC crap. Wasting time and money over this is lame. He owns the team, has the past consent of the NFL, so go blow it out your a-holes.

Cant stand it when long standing traditions suddenly become racist/bias. Same goes for the confederate flag. The flag didn't own slaves, it was a symbol of thousands of brave Americans that died defending the way of life that they grew up in, period. Now it can be label a hate crime in some progressive cities to fly those colors.

Whatever happened to freedom in America. Now everyone has to bend over backwards for every group that comes up with a complaint about anything.

Don't like Snyder, but good for him for standing up for his team and his rights. I might just go buy a REDSKINS JERSEY!

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Yeah not big on the defense of the confederate flag.

While everyone has an opinion on it, the flag represented the states and their people that wanted to continue the enslavement of other human beings.

Call that what you will, but it's reprehensible and a terrible stain on our history.

Not to mention that perceptions of things change over time and/or people finally understand that something once considered harmless can actually be a real concern.

What about the flag of the Nazi party ?? It's a symbol that was thought to bring honor to Germany as a whole. Anyone willing to fly that flag in the front yard ?? No ?? That's because, like the confederate flag, it was also a symbol of people that thought another race (the jewish) were less than human and killed them off.

Again, everyone can think what they want about it and I don't look down upon them for their opinions, but I find it a challenge to defend those flags.

The Redskins ?? Just change the d*mn name to the Warriors, keep everything the same and be done with it.

It's not like the "Washington Warriors" is a bad name.

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The Redskins suck, and this controversy will just sap energy and resources they should spend getting better. So thanks American court system, and I am heading outside right now with my "Steelers is a racist name and offends me!" sign and I'm getting something started. PS - Steelers trademark should be invalidated because it looks too much like Subaru's trademark. Let those two slug it out in court and see what it does to the Steelers operating capital.

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I got home today and decided to fix myself a snack.

When I went to see what looked good, I came upon a box of Ritz "Crackers".

Due to the emotional scarring that took place from that offensive word, I never made it to the refrigerator to get the cheese.

My blood sugar dropped too low and I passed out hitting my head on the granite counter top. (I think there's a lawsuit there as well).

If anyone else wants to get in on this, I can always say you were at my house to enjoy a snack and felt offended as well.

My attorney has been contacted. F*CK YOU RITZ !!!

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