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World Cup .2014


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Congrats to USA on scraping a win against Ghana last night. A pretty poor game to be honest.

Dempsey's goal after 31 seconds offered so much promise but after Altidore went off injured the USA never looked the same team.

Some good games so far, and just two crap games so overall a pretty good tournament to date.

Holland thrashing the holders Spain 5-1 was great to see, as was Germany stuffing Portugal 3-0.

Eye-opening result of the tournament so far? Got to be Costa Rica 3-1 Urguguay.

But my favourite result without doubt .... Italy 2-1 England ..... LOVE IT !!!!

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Leave it to Scottish to start the World Cup thread. :sure:

I love watching the world cup and have watched many matches to this point.

Have to agree about the Costa Rica win. That was great !!!

Happy about Germany and Italy is my second favorite team if/when the US gets knocked out.

The US team made the mistake of trying to protect that 1-0 lead entirely too early.

They should have kept the pressure on them, but Ghana is a team built with a sh*t ton of speed, so that probably explains a lot.

Altidore going down doesn't help their cause by any stretch and Dempsey's broken nose was ugly.

I will simply continue to enjoy the matches and wish all teams good luck !!!


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Uruguay did the business against England, and Costa Rica turned over Italy.

Long story short ... England ARE OUT OF THE TOURNAMENT cheers.gifcheers.gifcheers.gif

Now to turn my attention to cheering on the USA ......Go America !!!!thumbsup3.gif

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Don't know what you are getting from the media stateside but overseas team USA is a decided underdog and probably the weakest in group G. So far, even drawing Portugal is quite an impressive run. It shows what a great coach klinsmann is. I don't think team USA can beat Germany but maybe playing to a draw if they play all out defense is possible. I'm sure you are all getting the hype machine from ESPN and the like but there you have it... Scottish can probably back me up on this

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On one hand I was disappointed with the draw in last nights match, but seeing as how they came back from 1-0 to take a 2-1 lead, I was happy.

I wasn't expecting to see them come back like that and was pleasantly surprised. They might be the weakest, but they are in a position to move on.

A draw against Germany will get them through to the knockout round of 16.

Do I expect them to win it all ?? No, but it's fun to watch while they are still in it.

Hate that Thursdays match is the early one and I will be at work.

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No, I don't think the USA will win the tournament, but I do think they will qualify for the knock-out stages. Good ol' Team America have a fairly decent World Cup pedigree over recent tournaments ... a draw against Germany and they're through to face either Belgium or Algeria or Russia ... Belgium are a side of talented individuals but they don't play as a team. Algeria - certainly a surprise package but have they overachieved already if they qualify? Russia - been poor so far.

I don't think the USA have anything to fear in the next stage providing they can do what they need to vs the Germans

PS - Army, Italy aren't out. Currently sitting in 2nd place in the Group E table .... a draw with Uruguay and they're through

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What I don't want to see is them fall back in a defensive posture after the 5th minute of the match and hope for the draw.

They almost blew it when they scored early against Ghana by doing that and it almost blew up on them.

Play aggressive and play to win as opposed to playing not to lose.

I missed Italy's last match and was going by a report I saw on ESPN that had them out of it.

Knew I should have checked for myself. Thanks for the update !!!

There are a bunch of teams I will and when/if the US gets knocked out, it's nice to be able to root for them.

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It's been a pretty good tournament so far, have loved seeing the crowds in fancy-dress for the games, a real carnival atmos

If Italy scored in the first minute they'd then play 89 minutes of keep-ball and close down ...... it's their nature. I'd rather see a team going all out to score a boat load and thrill the crowd .... but Italy have had great success with their tactic so who I am to judge them

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My family is half Italian, half German and I have lived and/or travelled in both countries.

I tend to root for those teams in sporting events of this nature due to my upbringing and love of the countries.

I'd be totally ok with a German / US tie this coming Thursday.

No, I can't fault tactics at all, but prefer an agressive match myself.

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Italy out in the first round along with Spain and England ...... what would the odds have been on that outcome ???

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Yeah, never would have guessed England, Italy and defending champs Spain would all be out after the first round.

Today is the day for the US and a win or draw gets them into the knockout stage.

There are other scenarios for them to advance even if they lose, but i'm hoping it goes better for them.

A win would probably see Algeria for their next match and a draw or other scenario would see Belgium.

I will try to keep an eye on it since it's an early game and i'm at work.



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Belgium are a side with a good spread of great individual talent, but as a "team" I'm not convinced at all by their World Cup performances so far.

Late goals gave them two late wins, possibly undeservedly so in the first two games. The win against South Korea (admittedly Belgium had 10 men for half the game) was again unconvincing against possibly the poorest South Korean team in a decade or more.

I fully expect the USA to beat the Belgians and progress through to the quarter-finals. I also expect Bradley to score - his performances so far have deserved a goal, so a possible 20 yard strike through a crowded penalty area will be on the cards.

Go USA !!!

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What's the general feeling about the World Cup in the USA?

Over here's it's pretty good with a lot of media attention, all games being shown live, and the public (as usual) buying into it. No doubt south of the border in England it was pretty full-on until their exit with pubs being crammed full of singing supporters for each game.

I appreciate it's not anywhere near a main sport in the States but just wondered if there was much attention/fuss about the team. The USA do have a pretty good World Cup pedigree (wish I could say the same about Scotland)

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Pretty big media event over here, and the public is eating it up en masse.

That's good to hear ... hopefully the USA team can continue to give the press/public something to cheer about.

Some good games yesterday, Chile ran Brazil pretty close and Colombia scored two fantastic goals to see off Uruguay. Lets hope the rest of the games live up to the same level of excitement/entertainment

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Great game ... USA so unlucky at the end.

Belgiums best game of the WC so far and by far !!

USA invited early pressure with some sloppy play and without Altidore to hold the ball up just led to wave after wave of Belgian possession.

I was surprised that Beckerman didn't play, the holding midfield role taken by Bradley who was then not supporting Dempsey or providing much of an attacking threat.

I hope the nation are proud, the USA team gave their all and were unlucky not to find an equaliser.

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