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World Cup .2014


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USA sat back very deep to defend, probably worried about the pace of Mertens and Vertongen. That meant that any clearance from the US defence was going straight back to Belgium who would then launch another attack. Altidore would be able to compete and hold the ball up better than Dempsey (Altidore out injured though) to allow the midfield to come out and support an attack.

Tim Howard had an excellent game, and the USA (especially after going 2-0 down) created some good chances and with a bit more luck could easily have gotten an equaliser, if not even a winner.

Belgium have some very good players, but in my opinion are not the best "team" left in the tournament. I don't think man-for-man the USA are as talented but they do play as a team and I believe are stronger overall than Belgium, hence my disappointment that they've been eliminated.

For me Brazil and Argentina have yet to show up, I'm not convinced either is good enough to win the World Cup on tournament form so far.

Netherlands have been great but looked susceptible against Mexico (Arjen Robben's dive for the winning penalty was a disgrace).

Germany are always solid and efficient but the USA created chances against them and Algeria worked hard and hassled them all game long.

I feel France have been the best side in the tournament from the start and are capable of going all the way.... and that must be praise indeed seeing as I have a great distaste for anything French !!!! (except the Statue of Liberty, the Eifel Tower and the Guilotine) :)

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Took some time from my vacation to sit and watch the US match.

Yeah I was disappointed, but I had no thoughts of them winning it all anyway so such is life.

I will be good with a Germany / Argentina final, but seeing the host nation in the final would be crazy for whomever they face.

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two cracking semi-finals lined up.

can a European team win the WC on south american soil for the first time ever?

will it be an all south american tie between the host nation and their biggest rival

really looking forward to the finale of this tournament :)

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start times for the semi's are 9.00pm over here

germany gave the hosts a real ass-shafting last night, brazil finally being caught out for the team this side is. Argentina vs Holland tonight .... hope this one is as good

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