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F**k Winter


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Holy crap Sky, that's some serious ice right there !!!

Yep, and that's just a small bush in our front yard. Trees were completely encapsulated as well.

And, when you have heavy ice like that, it snaps power lines, knocks down trees, etc. Seriously, when it's all over the damage is about equivalent to a tornado going through.

For example:


It's the worst one we've had since 94, which was actually many times worse.

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Looks like the snow pretty much missed Cincinnati from what I saw coming back this morning.
What ??  A couple of inches maybe ??  Hardly the white death I heard was coming over the news.

When I was in the Bahamas, I was sitting on a beach with clear blue water and 80 degree temps.
Someone tell me why the hell I live in Cincinnati again ??

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Thanks Army

Well took the kids outside to shovel today, in hopes that one of my neighbors sees me struggling, and will lend a hand lol.

My neighbor lended me his snowblower, and was able to get everything cleaned up. 

What a mess had about 33 inches of snow, with 4 ft snow drifts in some areas. My furnace kept shutting off because the snow was getting that high it kept covering the vents (Remember that in your guys next big storm). 

Biggest storm I've ever been through, I'll be happy if its the only one of the year, but it's not even February yet. At least my wife can finally come home tonight lol. 


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22 minutes ago, HoosierCat said:

Ahhh...good night's sleep at the office, lot crew plowed the car out, now give it a couple hours and maybe the roads are clear enough to get home. F*ck you winter.

I'm sure you got a lot of extra work done right?

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