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Kudos to the Forum


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In the spirit of the holiday today, I just wanted to express my thankfulness for this forum! I am a refugee from the Bengals website forum.

So much hate, anger, bitterness, and personal attacks over there, I just got fed up, and started searching for another one!

I don't expect people to agree with each other all the time, on everything, but I am one who believes folk can agree to disagree in peace without personal attacks and middle school like behavior!!

Nice to be here!!

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Yep I agree best and only forum I belong too.

I still can't believe how long I have been on here. I found this forum back in 03, and used it for all my bengals news, until I signed up in 04, best desicision I made.

Since I have been here I have seen so many guys come and go, but the guys that are here have been great. Thanks to everyone, still can't believe how long I've been here.

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