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Schedule Released opener in Chicago


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Cincinnati Bengals

Week 1: at Atlanta Falcons (ESPN)

Week 2: Tennessee Titans

Week 3: at Dallas Cowboys

Week 4: Indianapolis Colts

Get a national game the first week...not bad.

Rest of the AFCN:

Baltimore Ravens

Week 1: at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 2: Atlanta Falcons

Week 3: Carolina Panthers (ESPN)

Week 4: at St. Louis Rams

Cleveland Browns

Week 1: St. Louis Rams

Week 2: Detriot Lions

Week 3: at Indianapolis Colts

Week 4: at Chicago Bears

Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 1: New York Giants

Week 2: at Washington Redskins (ESPN)

Week 3: Kansas City Chiefs

Week 4: at Carolina Panthers

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As a fan of the draft, I love the preaseason.

At no other time in the season will you see so many of those players actually playing.

Not only that, how many times during the actual season can you take your and kids to a game and it not cost close to a car payment ??

We all went down to the Green Bay game last year and had a blast.

I'll be targeting that Titans game.

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whilst i understand the need for pre-season games in order to polish off play execution, test players, get athletes into match fitness etc I do think they all lack that certain "something" that playing a regular season game brings.

I'm eagerly awaiting the regular season sched to be released on 16th so I can see if i've got any chance of catching a game or two this season.

The Falcons game may be interesting if shown on the ESPN channel over here but it's something that I'd have on in the background, one eye on the TV and one eye on the mrs bent over gutting rabbits

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Of course the preseason isn't going to the same feel of a regular season game, it's a bunch of newly drafted / acquired players getting the majority (better than 3/4th's) of the snaps. That's kind of the point. It's a chance to guage those other players to see how they will fit into what the team does. It's simply part of the process. I just happen to enjoy the part of the process that determines how the team is going to shake out and what the new guys look like.

Don't get me wrong, it's not for everyone and I won't say it should take 4 games to do that, but I do enjoy it just the same.

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I like pre-season games a lot. As a recent college graduate who lives in Columbus, i often don't have the time/money to make it to regular season games. A family friend usually gives me his season tickets for the preseason games. His seats are close to the players' families. Last year I sat next to Kevin Huber's girlfriend. Good times...

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I understand where a lot of you folks are coming from.

I think maybe it's a cultural thing for me - never having played the game and not really understanding the intricacies of each position as such, I struggle to comprehend the finer details / more subtle aspects of the sport.

Just give me a Bengals game and i'll give you a drunken Scotsman with passionate support

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Just give me a Bengals game and i'll give you a drunken Scotsman with passionate support

What else could anyone ask ??

Well, outside of a running game, decent linebacking corps, and more than a 30 something safety ??

Oh and lets not forget a playoff win or God forbid a Super Bowl trophy.

Like I said, what else could anyone ask ??

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Yeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaah !!!!!!!

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Reedy did a roundup of "what we know" about the schedule ahead of tonight's release.


His last item is a breakdown of Marvin's record against the teams on this year's sked. I had not realized the Bengals were a pathetic 1-5 under Lewis against freakin' Buffalo! In fact the AFC East looks like kryptonite: 4-16, including 0-4 against NE and 1-5 versus NYJ. Blech. And Marvin has stunk against Indy too, going 1-4. In other words we play five teams that he's gone a collective 5-20 against. Yikes.

On the good side we own the NFC North 7-1.

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Games leaking out. Bengals/Dolphins on Halloween prime time on NFL network.

THIS IS WORST JOKE I EVER SEEN, i am very rageous about this, my brother is dolphins fans which is old news to u all, and we are not allow to watch this because we dont have nfl network???? what a joke

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