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Percy Harvin?


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Apparently he's on the way out of Minnesota and much has been written about him coming to Cincinnati around the web.

Apparently he could be had for a 2nd round pick, and we have one to spare. Granted we would have to pay him, I believe he's in his last year and he's holding out for a new contract.

He's probably worth paying though, and if players like Johnson and Maualuga aren't resigned there should be money to spend. The offense needs help now and Harvin is a hell of a game changer and can line up any number of places.


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The idea came up briefly in the free agents thread. Given their success (none) with free agent wide receivers lately, I would pass. But I wouldn't be upset if they did go that route. I think it's unlikely, however. Tough to see them paying for Harvin when they are going to have to shell out major cash for AJ soon.

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His contract is what makes this a no for me.

I simply think they are going to need to shell out more than they are already capable of with who's coming due.

This year's group to resign pales in comparison to next years contracts to be handed out.

Would I complain ?? No, but only if if it doesn't cause us to lose someone else, especially on the defensive side.

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Would Harvin fill a position of need? - yes.

Would we object to a productive and experienced NFL player added to the roster ? - no.

Do we have a spare 2nd round pick we could utilise ? - yes.

Can the wage structure be incorporated? - yes, if the coaches and front ofice want it to happen it could happen.

Will it happen? - no, the Bengals and Free Agents just don't dance at the same disco generally.

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