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Sunday Games Open Thread


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TD Denver. 10-0 in Balti. Ravens have 21 yards of offense with 12 minutes left in the second.

Hmmm. How's that new OC workin' out for ya?

He's going to kill their punter. :lol:

Indy's O is looking pretty farcical too but they finally managed to put 3 on the board. JJ Watt is in beast mode today.

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Really rooting for KC and Jacksonville today as well.

I mean in regards to games that have no bearing on the Bengals playoff chances.

I would really like to see them end up with the first pick in the second round.

I love the NFL.

Always something to root for.

Ravens look like a good draw in the first round if we could manage to get there.

Colts not looking very good.

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