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Bengals entire draft


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Didn't want to post this in the First Rnd Pre Draft Thread as it covers all rounds. Mods - please move if you see fit.

Rnd 1 - 17. Quinten Coples, DE. I'm ok with that.

Rnd 1 - 21. Dre Kirkpatrick, CB. I'm ok with that.

Rnd 2 - 53. David Wilson, RB. According to the draft guru Mike Adams, OT, would still be available here.

Rnd 3 - 83. Brian Quick, WR. The guru predicting that James-Michael Johnson, ILB, Michael Pead RB, Chris Givens WR and Tommy Streeter WR still around.

Rnd 4 - 116. Michael Egnew, TE Chris Rainy WR/RB could still be an option or Adam Gettes OG could be lined up to replace Bobbie Williams

Rnd 5 - 156. Rishard Matthews, WR I know nothing of the player from here on in but consider a TE (replacement for Scaife?) and a K should be considered

Rnd 5 - 166. Michael Brewster, C

Rnd 5 - 167. Kheeston Randall, DT

Rnd 6 - 191. Najee Goode, LB

Rnd 7 - no pick ??

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Rnd 7 - Taylor Mays, S

Fixed. ;)

I'm hoping to see Mays flourish this year ....

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I like Rainey as well in the 4th. He's small, but he's one of those guys that when he gets the ball in his hands is simply dangerous. I wonder where they would put him ?? I think he would be used nicely in Gruden's offense, but who goes if he stays ?? It should be really interesting.

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Thought I would give my two-cents here:

Rnd 1 - 17 Quinten Coples, DE - Scares me. His stock has fallen for some of the same reasons as Dunlap though... so if Zimmer can get the same production out of him, no one will be complaining. I view Upshaw and Mercilus as safer picks though.

Rnd 1 - 21. Dre Kirkpatrick, CB - My dislike of Kirkpatrick grows the more I see of him. I think he's going to be a bust. He'll be an average CB at best. Might eventually find a decent career as a FS... but that's not why the Bengals would draft him. I would be unhappy with this pick. If the board fell like this, I'd prefer Kendall Wright, Michael Brockers, Stephen Hill, or Doug Martin with this pick.

Rnd 2 - 53. David Wilson, RB - BGE/Wilson/Leonard would make the RB for the Bengals transition from weakness to major strength. Although if the Bengals pass on Kirkpatrick in the 1st round (as I hope they do), I would hope they can grab Jamell Fleming here.

Rnd 3 - 83. Brian Quick, WR - Small school WR with loads of talent but a raw prospect who needs a lot of coaching. We've heard this story before. Hopefully it works out better this time.

Rnd 4 - 116. Michael Egnew, TE - Chase Coffman... take 2. Hopefully with better results - but still lacks the blocking ability I'd like. Would prefer Markelle Martin with this pick.

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DeCastro being there at #17 and not taking him is what ruins this for me.

Give me DeCastro, Kirkpatrick, Wilson, Quick, Egnew, Matthews, Brewster, Randall, and Goode and I am in hog heaven.

DeCastro is a fixture at LG for the next 5-7. Will be an multiple All-Pro IMHO best Guard I have seen since Hutchinson from Michigan and he worked out ok.

Kirkpatrick lining up next to Hall (Nickel this year)will be AWESOME. The thing that stands our to me about Kirkpatrick is his toughness, he can jam receivers at the line and has the speed to recover deep. While I would prefer Gilmore, Kirkpatrick will be a VERY good CB for a long time in the NFL IMHO.

Wilson is the second ranked RB on my board, Fast, quick runner with enough power to go inside and the speed to go outside. Love him in the second.

Quick is a REALLY good prospect he is tall with a great catching radius, great hands and very good athletic ability (hopefully he can pick up the playbook and stay away from weed unlike our last small school WR prospect)

Egnew gives us a second pass catching TE to line up in two TE sets ala New England, he won't give you much as a pass protector, would prefer Ladarius Green but he went 105 to Buffalo in this draft.

Matthews gives us excellent value in the 5th round for a guy with more than 1300 yards last season receiving and kickoff return experience. Matthews is tough, smart, and a good football player.

Brewster I have rated as the #2 Center in this draft so getting him in the 5th gives us very good value. Not sure if he makes this team though.

Randall isn't much of a pass rush threat but he could be a replacement for Sims if he washes out in training camp. Stout, good character, leader and you can't have enough of those.

Goode has versatility and can be a goode special teamer that can provide depth at WLB and MLB but will probably be a luxury pick with this team as we have better young players than him at his position.

Coples in the 1st seems like a real risk, for one, he will not be a starter for this team and for two, his lack of production last year is worrisome. Give me DeCastro since he is there and we are all good.

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Stephen Hill is still a player I can't seem to totally cross off the list.

I know he's a developing player and people don't want to take a guy like that in the first, but it's not to often you see a guy 6'4, 215 lbs, with 4.36 speed and being noted as one of the best downfield blockers in the WR class. He wasn't the most productive, but that was the triple option ran at Georgia Tech as when he had the chance, he made the best of it to the tune of 29.3 ypc average, which led the nation.

While he may not be the perfect fit for us, I still can't cross him off the list.

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It was nice to hear that AJ Green was working with him in the pre draft process so we should have very good information about his work habits, seems like a REALLY good kid and a hard worker which with his athletic ability will get you pretty far.

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Rnd 1 - 17. Quinten Coples, DE.

Rnd 1 - 21. Dre Kirkpatrick, CB.

Rnd 2 - 53. David Wilson, RB.

I'd be okay with both but I Feel like we really need go Guard some where Early,We addressed one side but the other still looking crappy.

Rnd 3 - 83. Brian Quick, WR.

Don't know much about Quick,but Be okay with WR here.

Rnd 4 - 116. Michael Egnew, TE

Dislike this pick,I think we are set with Tight Ends Lee made some plays with his hands when given the chance and I like Cochart for our 3#

Rnd 5 - 156. Rishard Matthews, WR

I could see us taking 2 WR's with what we have

Rnd 5 - 166. Michael Brewster, C

can he play G too?

Rnd 5 - 167. Kheeston Randall, DT

Rnd 6 - 191. Najee Goode, LB

PS,As for Hill Would be scary to see him on other side of Green with Gresham & shipley tearing up the middle.

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McShay has released his final mock.

Rnd 1 - 17 - Michael Brockers, DT

Rnd 1 - 21 - Stephen Hill, WR

Rnd 2 - 53 - Josh Robinson, CB

Rnd 3 - 83 - Markelle Martin, S

Rnd 4 - 116 - Ladarius Green, TE

I'm not usually a big fan of McShay, but I have to tell you... I LOVE this draft.

Brockers has immediate impact on the D-Line. Stephen Hill might be end up being the best WR in this draft. Josh Robinson has all the tools to be elite one day. Markelle Martin starts with Reggie Nelson on day 1. Ladarius Green might end up being the best TE in this draft.

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I agree Derek that is an awesome draft and would love to see it happen

I know there is no Guard there but I do think they can get away with what the have for the year

Yeah. I don't love the O-Line... but if the draft were to fall this way, it's hard to be angry about.

Bobbie still has some life left. Bring him back on a 1-year deal, and get a OG next year.

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I do not like Coples. I prefer Gilmore to Kirkpatrick. This draft would be unacceptable.

Ok, now that you are back, let's get your take on what the Bengals do in the draft.

I think everyone else has been over it to no end and are just waiting to see what happens.

A new person's input would be interesting at this point !!! :sure:

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Am I new?

My input: Gimme a lineman

I would love to see action across almost all line spots.

OG, DE, and DT being first, but a case could be made for an OT or even Center should they choose to late.

That being said, you know CB, WR, and RB are being taken and at least one of those more than once if i'm a betting man.

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