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What we need this Sunday


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They did #5 last game, sacking Ben 5 times... without Dunlap. Getting a healthy Dunlap in there could make for a very enjoyable afternoon.

I probably couldn't prove it with stats so I won't bother trying, but IMHO the presence of a healthy Carlos Dunlap dramatically changes what the Bengals are capable of doing on defense, as well as what the Biggest Ben is able to do on offense, especially extending pass plays beyond the traditional 3 or 4 seconds before the ball has to be thrown.

Carlos Dunlap is a game changer....if healthy. Without him the Bengals have mostly abandoned the 4-man pressure packages that worked so well early on and attempt to compensate by sending extra rushers. That works occasionaly, but Ben knows the Bengals defense inside and out and he seems more than willing to trade the occasional hit or sack in favor of big plays.

Nutshelled, Hair loves Carlos like Joannie loves Chachi.

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A win anyway they can and a loss by the Jets, Broncos and Titans.

A win and we jump the Steelers for the 5th playoff spot. (assuming Ravens win) Then the Steelers would have a 1-3 divisional record vs our 3-2. Though both being 3-3 would be a possibility.

A win and I put a playoff birth at 90% probability. After watching the Pitt-KC game last night - We can beat the Steelers.

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Head and Shoulders Samoan got his very concussable brain sort of concussed last week. Possibly he'll play with a little less reckeless abandon. Seeing him stop running plays for a two yard loss by knifing in from outside the end is a disturbing sight for me, and I'd like to see none of it this Sunday.

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Dunlap probably not playing sucks!!! I thought they really could have used him this game, but if hes not healthy there is no reason to rush him back. Just hope the defense is ready to tackle better this week then last LOL.

Fanene needs to step up big time, like he did in 09, where the heck has he been.

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