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Steelers @ Ravens Game Thread.

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Hines Ward with these comments to Bob Costas pre-game about Roeth. Damn near a drive-by. Via PFT:

"This game is almost like a playoff game," Ward told NBC's Bob Costas. "It's almost a 'must' win. So, I can see some players or some teammates kind of questioning like, 'Well, it's just a concussion. I've played with concussions before. I would go out there and play.' So, it's almost like a 50-50 toss-up in the locker room. You know, should he play, shouldn't he play. It's really hard to say.

"I've been out there dinged up. The following week, got right back out there. You know, Ben practiced all week. . . . To find out that he's still having some headaches and not playing and it came down to doctor's didn't feel that they was gonna clear him. . . . It's hard to say, unless you're the person. . . . I've lied to a couple of doctors saying 'I'm straight, I feel good,' when I knew I'm really not straight. But I don't think guys really about the future when they're playing currently in the NFL. . . .

"Trust me, the players, they wanna go out there because these games, you don't get back. You're never gonna get this Baltimore-Pittsburgh game back."


Though Hines never says, "Ben is being soft," the import is clear. Hines is essentially saying, "Ben is being soft."

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According to what was said pre-game, it's the docs who refused to clear Ben. He appealed to Tomlin to let him play and Tomlin turned him down. I wonder how much the increased attention to concussions league-wide played into that. But yeah, Wines needs to STFU.

All true, which makes what Ward said even more curious. Even with the team doc pulling the plug, it would appear that at least one player isn't giving Roeth a pass for sitting...

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Gotta say Dixon is looking pretty good. His throws are sharp and on target, he's throwing away at the right times, and not getting rattled by Baltimore's rush -- what there is of it. Meanwhile, Baltimore's D looks like it has most of the year: old, slow and confused.

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