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Tara II


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Nothing like having someone reminds us all why stupid people shouldn't breed !!!

Unfortunately that's the only thing they do well because they're too stupid to realize they shouldn't have kids or that they have too many kids.

Stupid people piss me off.

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Hey, let's all call Tara ugly. (Then let's all recognize that everyone on this board would fall all over her if she gave us the time of day)

Seriously, that body is happening, and her face is nothing a few beers wouldn't straighten out. So here's my plan, I'll call it the Tara Gambit. If I run into her I'll -

1. Get her drunk out of her mind so I start looking good to her.

2. Get half smashed myself so she suddenly starts looking like Megan Fox.

3. Endure probably like 2 hours of her talking about her hair, her mom, her nails, her crappy job, or whatever she wants to throw at me. I'm committed.

4. Pour a couple more margharitas down her in case she's starting to sober up.

5. Take her home, get her naked, drool all over her for about 15 minutes, then hop on and give her the best 27 seconds of her life.

Hey Tara, call me!

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I think she may have asked me for a dollar so she could buy some chew'n tebakkee

How does one chew without teeth?

Ever been to Hamilton, OH?

Once, at night. I didn't really see anything and didn't try to either.

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