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Chad's still a douche


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Ochocinco finds loophole in NFL Twitter rules, promises surprise

CINCINNATI (AP) -- Chad Ochocinco is working on a tweet surprise for the NFL.

The flamboyant receiver promised something new for the Cincinnati Bengals opener Sunday against the Denver Broncos at Paul Brown Stadium. What exactly? He won't say.

Ochocinco stopped posting on his Twitter account last Friday, saying he didn't want to violate the NFL's new rules on what players can say on social networks. The league said players can't use Twitter, Facebook or other networks immediately before or during games.

Ochocinco said on Wednesday that he has read the NFL's restrictions and has discovered loopholes. Until last week, he had been one of the most frequent tweeters among NFL players.

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They should somehow get the games on local tv. The original intent of that rule is way outdated. Free TV means more local interest and support, which in the long run, and probably in the short run, means much more financially than a few thousand tickets.

What happens to the local advertisers who were all set to run their ads on the local broadcast? What a screw job for your customers, NFL. Wake up, your tickets are extremely expensive, but everyone who watches at home buys merchandise, raises the ratings on tv so you can charge more for ads, etc.

I'll get the games up here in central Ohio no matter what, but this policy is misguided and it effectively just tells your customers, "f**k off, we don't care about you."

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I am a full Chad Johnson supporter! Not an Ochocinco supporter! Ochocinco is a douche there's no doubt, but after getting embarrassed last year and how he has fallen outta favor and after only one year is not considered one of the top receivers in the game...he seems to have gone back to Chad Johnson, the lovable dominating receiver.

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To the subject, ie "Chad's still a douche"


Always has been

Is now

Always will be

If he keeps poking the bear (God-dell in this case) the bear will eventually maul him


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Is Chad a douche ?? Sure...

Am I as concerned as I use to be ?? Nope...

Why ?? To start I will give credit where credit is due and he appears to be motivated and ready to play. That can only help. Next, while I use to be excited to see what Chad was going to do next (a long time ago), that excitement has been shifted to see what this defense is going to do. Seriously, I'm pumped about this defense and what it's capable of doing this season.

So if Chad doing his douchness helps him focus and have fun to the benefit of the team, GREAT. I'm just not as concerned...

D-FENSE !!!!

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