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Paul Alexander to Coach 'Cuse?


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As a native born Syracuse fan who moved to Cincinnati and has been a die-hard Bengals fan, this is the type of news that agonizes my soul.

The Bengals might get rid of the most useless o-line coach in the NFL? Awesome! Maybe Brat will go with him! But that same coach goes to take over the entire football program at Syracuse? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

This is just the sort of thing that has plagued me as a football fan for over a decade. It just isn't right.

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Who wouldn't want this to happen besides the fans of Syracuse? I rather give Munoz or Ferk Willie Anderson a job coaching the line over giving Alexander one more pay check..Aslong as they burn high round picks they'll be as successful...

You just HAD to dangle Munoz out there as a potential offensive line coach. I believe he would whip those boys into shape and do very well. Don't see it on his end, however. He has too much going on outside of football. But we could dream...

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