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Draft Tek 7 rd draft

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Last time I checked McFadden wasn't a linebacker either... The tight end pick goes away "if" we end up getting Utech from Indy as well.


I just don't see Indy matching our offer with them retaining Dallas Clark as their starter. Not with their lack of cap space.

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If the draft falls like that we had better be trading down, teams will trade up for McFadden (see Dallas). I would gladly trade out of #9 for #22 and #28

To swap with Dallas, we would probably have to either kick in our 3rd (#78), or swap our 2nd (#47) for their 2nd (#61). The next 2 teams (Saints, Bills) are unlikely to grab D.McFadden, and Denver and Carolina would probably pass too.

However, I believe that would be well worth it. Not only that, but picks #22 & #28 will be in great demand, ala the Brownies in '07 - for example, Atlanta has two 2nds and a high third to move up to grab a QB before Miami.

In this 'best case' scenario, Mikey and Marvin could end up with:

#22(DAL), #38(ATL), #62(DAL), #69(ATL), #78, & #98


#28(DAL), #38(ATL), #47, #49(ATL), & #98

In a deep draft, even the Bengals will be able to find solid players in needed positions. Unfortunately, they haven't shown the guts nor patience to pull that off.

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McFadden, Sims, Howard, Carlson, Williams, and Blake in that order!?! That has to be the worst mock Bengalswise I have seen yet! <_<

Not sure why I'm seeing different players listed, but the mock I'm looking at gave the Bengals....

1 (9) - RB, D. McFadden

2 (46) - DT, P. Sims

3 (78) - OLB, C. Avril

4 (109) - TE, J. Carlson

5 (140) - CB, T. Williams

6 (171) - ILB, V. Hall

7 (202) - Traded/Fitzgerald

BTW, the signing of Utecht would eliminate the need for a TE so another player could be penciled in at #109. FWIW, the next player selected in this mock, SS Tyrell Johnson, fits the Bengals needs perfectly.

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Interesting reading about the Pro Day results, because you can see where Bengal coaches have been and who's on their radar.




- Most recently, Bengals offensive line coach worked out Gosder Cherilus OT, Boston College. :sure:

A natural right tackle in any scheme, does have some footwork problems, but because of his massive size, and mean streak that has made him infamous with his interviews, He's doubtful to fall to # 46.

There are a couple of guys on the offensive line, that you just got to like because of their play. Yes we need defense, and could go all defense day one and two to fix our defense, but we won't see the immediate results, for at least 2 years if we hit home runs with defensive picks.

* However keeping the offensive line healthy, and full of young road-graders, will keep our offense on the field.

Guys I would like Cincy to land as offensive selections....

1. Brandon Albert, OG/OT, Virginia

2. Gosder Cherilus OT, Boston College

3. Eddie Royal, WR, Virginia Tech.

4. Dexter Jackson, Wr, Appalachian St.

5. Steve Justice, C/OG, Wake Forest

6. Adarius Bowman, WR, Oklahoma St. - I'm hoping he falls, because he plays faster than he timed.

7. Lots of tight ends, despite the signing of Utecht, Carlson - Notre Dame, and Cottam - Tennessee would be steals if they fell to round 4.

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