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Week 1: Steelers @ Bengals


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Andy is my dude. He was flawed and couldn't get over the hump, but he shares that with his head coach and his Hall of Fame left tackle and defensive tackle (and great wide receiver). I have nothing but good will for Dalton and am glad that he is a part of the history of this franchise.

Clearly Burrow is better. Burrow already looks like the best QB in franchise history, with only Kenny in his zip code (not even Boomer). The Bengals (and Dalton) picked a good time to put up a 2-14 season. I think he's probably about to get us our fourth straight win over the bumblebees too.

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Would rather they go to someone who I know is a bengals fan and avoid worry about them going to a Steelers fans. North end zone section 124 row 21 seats 13 and 14 - face value is $113 each.  Tickets are being listed at various re-sale sites in this section north of $300 each but I would let them go to a true bengals fan for $175 each.  Anyone interested, let me know and we can figure out payment and transfer. 

Wish I could go, two trials in sept. are killing me. Prob have to miss dolphins game too.

In any event, let me know via DM if interested.


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