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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

Offseason Thoughts


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Amazing really.   I remember when Boomer made his Bengal comeback in 1997.   They often showed Gunnar on TV cheering his dad on.

I still wish you could still find the Boomers BBQ sauce he had which helped raise money for the foundation.


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I just saw Brady’s return to camp presser.  It appears he had the blood of 40 virgins transfused into him, stem cells from various models injected into his face, and umbilical cord blood made into a paste for his use as a daily facial.  He’s fine, looks totally normal.

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so I have had two very pleasant surprises coming from training camp, and a third that I think is emerging as a surprise

I will detail the first and the third (and these are in no particular order) here

First is Crisman

I love love love Huber.  but Father Time has yet to lose a battle, and now is as good a time as any to replace him.   If Crisman gets injured, he can probably come in and play right off the couch

Crisman has performed well, just as I thought he would, but its good to see it actually happening on game days, even for fake games

Third is Volson.  At his point, I am not prepared to say he has been sensational or anything, or is a worthy starter at OLG.  What I can say is that he has clearly beaten out Carman.  Thats not a great compliment, obviously, but I am happy he has at least given us an alternative to that scumbag. 

I was (and still am) quite worried about the protection New Guy will get from the OLG spot, as I dont think Volson has faced tier 1 dLineman yet, and of course, he comes from a "run 90% of the time" offense.  But I can credit him for replacing Carman for now, and hopefully he will prove to be adequate going forward.  I was not a fan of this draft pick at all, to put it mildly, and will happily gorge myself on crow as the season progresses.  so we'll see.  I will stock up on bbq sauce to reflect my hopes

Honorable mention are the two rookie UDCFA wideouts.  Whichever one we cut will surely be picked up by another team, particularly if the one cut can return kicks and/or punts.

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