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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals


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4 hours ago, membengal said:

I sold my home Friday and moving trucks here tomorrow - staying local(ish) to Balt City - just moving further north. Caught scattered pieces of the game. I put that loss on Jonah, Chase and Mixon. Just...make plays fellas. Those turnovers are killers and cost us 21 points really. 

Selling mine as well, first lookers coming on Wednesday night.

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Aside from the turnovers and mistakes, the o-line was putrid, mostly due to the crappy depth they have there, that they refuse to address and haven't for something like 5 years now.  Instead of paying for vet back-ups, they gambled on inexperienced guys like Prince and Hill, who suck, after moving Adenji to G because they refuse to sign or draft good players on the interior.

That's sort of a separate issue that is creating wear-and-tear on Burrow and the Rb's, and leaving them with little-to-no room for error in games like yesterday, where they just get trounced and it snow balls when you turn it over in addition to giving up 6 sacks (with no Bosa) and your QB is getting the absolute shi% knocked out of him.

Whatever, it's the same old Bengals, no one can convince me otherwise until they win something meaningful in the post season, or get there.  We watch this stupid shi% every single f'ing year, no o-line, no Lb's, soft up-the-middle, no quality depth on the lines, and they just get dismantled by playoff caliber teams more often than not.





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Prince has been pretty good prior to this game and had some good reps yesterday like this as well as some bad.

Hill unfortunately has been ass all year, which sucks, I was hoping they’d found a late round steal there. As for depth don’t forget they already lost Smith and XSF long before this game. I don’t think they’ve done a bad job there. Yesterday it wasn’t just Hill and Prince, it was another case of everyone taking a turn screwing up. Consistency has bedeviled the line all year. They’ll have to take some more swings in FA and the draft next year but I think we all figured that would be the case.

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