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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

Rant about waiting three F*cking weeks between the end of draft activity and the draft


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I mean seriously....why?  This is going to be three shitty weeks because every news feed is going to be desperate for watches and clicks and we are going to be subjected to even more ridiculous bs.  What purpose does it solve to have the draft at the end of the month rather than the middle, do teams honestly need three weeks to compile their information and build a draft board?  Well, maybe the Bengals but everyone else could get that done in a weekend.  Just ranting because I am not sure I can wait until April 29th.



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It’s about money, of course, but not so much about a specific weekend than it was trying to stretch out the off-season. Once upon a time you got the Super Bowl at the start of February, the Combine a few weeks later toward the end of the month, free agency at the beginning of March and finally the draft at the start of April. And then it’s basically dead time until camps start up at the end of of July.

So the idea was that the SB would be pushed a couple weeks to mid-February. Then the Combine would move to March, free agency to April and the draft to May, so June is your only real dead month. But while the draft moved...nothing else ever did. So now April has become a dead zone.

Maybe with the new 17 game schedule we might see some of those earlier moves finally happen.

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