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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

Steelers @ Bengals MNF Game Thread


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5 hours ago, AMPHAR said:

Online still sucks pass protecting.  Finley took some shots.  Ball had to come out quick because the heat was coming.    

They surprisingly pushed them around in the run game.  Even in the 4th quarter when they had to run the ball, they did. 

I’m still amazed Finley got up after that three-way sandwich (with a forearm to the face added in, ought to have been a roughing call). Only thing more amazing was that he completed the pass too.

And yep, great run blocking last night.


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JuJu going to the dark side of diva WR.    Starts with cute antics that fans love when your new to the spot light and providing production.     These WR don't realize this has a short shelf life especially when the production declines.

Then all of sudden he's changing his last name to Spanish numbers,  or has some goofy hair cut and some stupid "brand" talk.

Love it.

Yes,  JuJu give into your diva.  Build your brand.  It's Ben's fault.  Post about it!  Tell us all how you are under appreciated. 


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