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Sixth Round Pick: Hakeem Adeniji, G Kansas


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Durable four-year starter at tackle who might be asked to prove himself as an interior blocker on the next level. Adeniji understands and displays technique, but it tends to get sloppy when his footwork gets him behind in the rep. He was an imperfect fit in Kansas' move-oriented running game, but could compete for a roster spot in a man blocking scheme where he should be able to play with better control, consistency and push at the point of attack. His experience at tackle boosts his pass pro credentials if he's moved inside.


Has attributes and traits to slide inside (has snapped in practice)

Grip strength to stay connected to blocks when feet are right

Lands hands with good accuracy for improved leverage

Looks comfortable when he gets to fire out as drive blocker

Rolls hips under hands at point of attack

Lower leg drive can generate movement

It's clear that technique has been taught and learned

Widens out with good balance in pass sets

Keeps chin tucked and head back at the punch

Change of direction against rush counters should be adequate at guard


Labors somewhat getting out of his stance

Footwork gets sloppy at times

Needs to tighten up settle steps to prevent being knocked off-balance

Can't get to most backside cut-offs as a tackle

Below-average athletic ability to block and adjust in space

Has issues maintaining body control through engagement

Gets caught up in "slide, slide, slide, lunge" at the top of rush

May not possess foot quickness to run rushers up and around the arc as a tackle

Doesn't display enough recovery athleticism in pass pro

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an OL, but not the right one




can't hate, but can't like either

my best guess here is that since he played 4 years at OLT in college, and they really dont have a solid backup for Jonah, he can compete for that


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Clearly they are esquewing injury risks in favor of less capable but reliable options.  Muti is a far better prospect, perfect fit for the Bengals biggest weakness but i think that last year's experience has led them to taking injury risks off their board, guys like Tega or Muti are not evaluated.

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