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Zach Brown


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He has signed 1 year deals the past two seasons. 

Yes he’s a good run stopper and upgrade currently but unless you are getting him locked in next season there’s no point and he hasn’t done a multi year deal his past two so it’s unlikely he’ll do one here. 

Otherwise all he does is improve us and move us down the draft board a couple spots this year. 

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Did you see Mike on the tube when we were getting our asses beat?  Dude didn’t look like a guy scheming up trades and roster moves to improve his team.  Looked more like a guy who:

1.  Was wondering if it was jello day or pudding day, and

2.  Could have used some help putting on his ball cap.

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Don’t let that “old man, exhausted and in cognitive decline” facade fool you.  Mike is sitting there scheming up a 4 way trade that will bring us a new tackle, 2 linebackers, and a corner, and it’ll be creatively financed with a 4th rounder and Eifert, and will screw our division rivals as well.  

JK, he actually is an exhausted old man in cognitive decline, trying to keep up with teams that employ squads of GMs in waiting.  Mike couldn’t put together a plan to sweep out his own garage.

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