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6th Round Pick (C): Rodney Anderson, RB, Oklahoma

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  • ArmyBengal changed the title to 6th Round Pick (C): Rodney Anderson, RB, Oklahoma

Don't know much about this kid and initially I didn't think much of the pick.

However, in only watching the above clip, he appears to hit the hole hard and is smart with blockers in front of him.
The most impressive thing about the clip is his yards after contact.  I'd be interested to see what that looked like on a whole season.
That really stood out in the clip.

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3 hours ago, COB said:

Surely they are thinking of using him on special teams.  At Oklahoma he might have been a bit too high on the depth chart to see teams, so his ability there will have to be projected or guessed at.  

I think he will see the field as a receiving RB that can also line up in the slot, he has really good hands.  He may take snaps from GIO, if he stays healthy.  I see a platoon of four very good RB's, keeping everybody fresh.  It may be that Williams is not active in certain games and Anderson in others, depending on the type of defense they are playing.  I also see them keeping 1 less WR to make room for all 4 of these guys,.

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