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Walton, already facing battery and marijuana charges from two earlier arrests, runs from cops after a traffic stop.  They tasered him, but since he's an NFL running back he just heroically pulled the prongs out and took off.  They couldn't catch him.  

Running from the police is a time-honored way of staying in shape for NFL players in the off-season, but this dude had weed, a rifle, and several fully loaded clips in the car.  No thanks.  Goodbye to that 4th round pick.  Mike better not try to redeem this dude. 

Driving around Miami with a rifle and several fully loaded clips is a recipe for disaster, and cutting ties with Walton now is the only way to deal with this.  

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Glad they cut him, if it were just marijuana possession I'd probably feel differently, but his 3 arrests and running away from an arrest etc..., are too much.  At least Taylor "seems" to hold the players to a higher standard when it comes to representing themselves in public than Marvin did (also see Burfict release).

That said you wonder if he were a more notable player if they would've done the same thing, after all they did wait until he was arrested for the third time.

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I remember not being happy about that pick.  I didn't like the pick because of who else was on the board if I remember correctly.
What did he end up giving the Bengals ??  34 yards ??  That is exactly why they should have tried at another position.
He just wasn't going to make any type of impact and didn't need to.  Wasted 4th round pick.

That being said, glad to see them pull the trigger and waive his ass.

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