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Austin Canned


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Of course he had to do something I'm not sure I have seen a worst defense ever. These guys couldn't make a single stop, not one! It was the most embarrassing performance that I can remember and something had to be done.

Austin couldn't get shit out of these guys, I don't know if Marvin can (I doubt it), but hopefully he finds someone who can.


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He coached the defense of this team against the Browns quite a few years back and that didn't go so well. The difference is though they didn't fire the d-coordinator then. 

Marvin seems real convinced about all of this he says they have a plan.

When asked about Hue Jackson coming in to help out he said you will have to wait and see.

Sounds like we might see Hue back after all.

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21 hours ago, AMPHAR said:

Probably.     We just played against Mark Duffner of the pre Lewis days. 

Just have to have a few coaches willing to recommend you. 

I remember thinking that Mark Duffner wasn’t that bad... then his defenses were sometimes terrible but the offenses were also horrible back then too so...

anyway I was surprised he’s still coaching when they met this year

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