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College Football Thread

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Haskins - 4500+ yards,  47 TD's and 8 INT's this season.  Kiper has him going around 11-12 over-all before tonight's 499 yard, 5 TD game.

He's had a whole stable of pro talent to throw to all season, not sure I've ever seen a better college WR group top-to-bottom than what OSU has, at least as far as depth goes, 

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I never really saw my Buckeyes as a team that could do damage in the playoffs with that defense and don’t think they deserve the nod over Oklahoma.

My joy was watching them curb stomp Michigan and that stupid look on Harbaugh’s face throughout the game !!!

Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma and Notre Dame

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Satterfield huh?  That really doesn't do much for me, but wish him well.
I'm not a massive UC fan and don't go to the games (Did go to the CFP game against Alabama in Dallas), but root for them being the hometown college team.
I'd rather see them do well then suck.  I don't think this hire gets them close to sniffing 2021 success levels.
Just my take.  Good luck sir !!

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So who do you have in the college football playoffs ??

Ohio State vs. Georgia
TCU vs. Michigan

Being a Buckeyes follower, I will of course be rooting for my boys.
As much as I think it would be cool to see THE GAME rematch for the National Championship, I don't know that the team would.
That's two years in a row that they didn't just get beat by Michigan, but that they appear to be living in their heads.
The mental aspect of that would present a challenge for them to get over in my opinion.

Oddly enough, should TCU upset Michigan, that would give Ohio State some added motivation in their later game as they would probably rather face TCU.
Getting by Georgia will be no small task for them and they would do well in not looking beyond them beforehand.

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Man, what a missed opportunity by the Buckeyes.  That Ga game was in our hands, and we would have handled TCU no problem.  Would have snuck into a natty.  Painful to think about how they blew that game.

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