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Preseason Game 1 - Bengals vs. Bears


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So here we are, the day before the first preseason game. 
For those of you, like me, that enjoy seeing the new guys/youngsters out there, what will you be watching for ??
Of course I got my $5 tickets and ArmyBengal Jr. and I will be attending, but this year it won't be just about the new guys.

While we obviously won't see anything to crazy in game one, I just want to see what the coaches have the guys doing.
Will there be anyone that jumps out and really takes advantage of the opportunity.
With new looks on both offense and defense due to new coaches, I'm intrigued to check it out.

As always, NO INJURIES !!!

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I learned very long time ago:

1. Just win baby!  Doesn’t matter how the win happens the aftermath reaction is always better with a win.  Even if it comes from guys that will be cut.

2.  Don’t want to blatant incompetence.  Those things rarely “get fixed” by the season start. 

3. Injuries happen and they suck

4. Preseason don’t mean shit

So I don’t want to see injury.  I hope the line can look at least decent against a Decent Chicago front.   I would worry if they get beat constantly in the first quarter. 


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Yep, preseason don't mean shit, but it's one of those times where the 2nd and 3rd string guys get a lot of playing time and you see what they can do.

I think about the rookies especially in this regard.
They will all get snaps in this first game and I'm looking forward to watching them.

How does Price do?
Will Bates come on strong and make a push at the safety position?
Both Hubbard and Jefferson will get plenty of snaps at DE and LB respectively.
Walton will carry the ball more than a couple times for sure.
The two later round guys I hope get time are Darius Phillips and Auden Tate if they are healthy enough to go.

I honestly don't care if they win or not.  I just want to see how certain groups and players put things together.

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I assume they'll default the left side of the line to Cordy Glenn and Boling, and let's face it, Price is going to start.  The right tackle and right guard spots are going to be fun to watch even in these preseason games, because they'll actually be fighting for a starting job and depth roster spots.  Ced better show something.  

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Barkley has always sucked, so no surprise that he still sucks. More concerning is that Driskel looks equally shitty. God help us if Dalton gets banged up.

While it’s still early and there’s no need to overreact, the backups really need more snaps. They have not looked good at all.

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Nothing really to take away from this one other than the defensive depth looked pretty damn weak (no pass rush, could not stop the Bears all night and got lucky several times with dropped passes and a bad deep ball that was INT'd).

Cedric couldn't even block back-ups, that's a guy just playing out his contract and probably living off of it the rest of his life.

Nice moves by Mixon to get the TD.  

Barkley wasn't horrible, pretty much your typical nfl back-up material, moved the ball, had a mix of good and poor throws...whatever.

No big special teams gaffes which was good. 

Defense gave-up way too many big plays.



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As far as preseason game 1 goes:  pretty good performance.

They won.  No major injuries.  They looked competent in all areas.  

The two things I have concerns with.  Fake punt in preseason is bush league and they get the penalty as well.  Settle for FG. Bad.

Getting the ball out quick is nice but easier to do in preseason. So like last year I’m not sure pass pro got a good test.

Barkley did have a long conversion in which he was in the pocket a while and got good protection.

Very encouraging signs, I did not realize or had forgotten that Andy and AJ never led TD drives in the preseason and of course went the first 2 regular games without a TD.  Nice to be able to get a TD on the first and 3rd drives. 

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I don't think you can ask for much more from a preseason game.  

When you envision the best-case scenario for a Bill Lazor offense it involves moving people around and getting the ball into the hands of playmakers in any way possible (i.e. putting Mixon out wide).  Very encouraging.

Price held up well.

Ross goofed early, but nobody blinked and they kept going back to him.

Good times...

It's not officially onto the training camp battle for starters on the right side of the o-line.  Pollack said the guys they started last night were only ahead of others by a very tiny amount.  So, we could see some swapping around there.  

Not much to say on the defense.  I expect it to be good, so I'm not overly concerned either way.

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I thought Westerman helped himself last night. Redmond looked meh to me. Or worse. I wasn't especially thrilled with Hopkins' play either. If Westerman can force his way into conversation for RG, that would be my preference. Too bad the food poisoning and weight loss right before camp set him back a bit. 

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