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Fake Game 2: Chiefs @ Bengals


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Uninspiring effort by the D.  Left many plays on the field.  Not very good on 3rd down.  Bad Tackling again.

Erikson will be a tough cut.   

I thought there was too much pressure on the QB early in the game.

LB coverage is bad.  Minter continues the tradition of hopeful LB FA signings that flop.


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11 minutes ago, Stripes said:

Well that sucked.  Hopefully Williams can heal up, but I won't hold my breath.

All of the QB's were ineffective, as was the entire offense (and defense for that matter).  Haven't seen this much apathy among the fan base since the pre- Marvin era btw (empty, silent stadium, no one here in-town is even talking about them anymore).

How many teams are practically begging people to buy tickets during the preseason broadcasts like the Bengals' do? Don't most of the teams, sans a few (i.e. Cleveland) not have to even worry much about it? Do they invite the guy in-charge of tickets sales into the broadcast booth during the game?  As our beleaguered president would say, "Sad!"

Should try and see if they can trade Hill for a Safety - I think Carson could match his production if needed, at this point.

2nd preseason games are lame, but their back-ups were a lot better than the Bengals' were.

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