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Bring Singletary to Cincy


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I said it before, I'll say it again: the next coach of the Bengals will be Herm Edwards.

Why? Simple:

1. He'll almost certainly be available in January, if not sooner.

2. No one else will be interested in a two-time flop.

3. He'd be just about the worst possible choice.

Given all that, he seems almost a lock to me.

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I agree this team needs someone who will kick some people in the a** once in awhile, here you can get away with murder and Marvin will just smile and giggle, and " i know you didnt mean to shoot i will have to sit you down for a play, but you will be right back in". Marvin is the biggest loser on this team, and he has now lost this team.

Everyone keeps sayin how the players quite on Marvin, well how about Marvin has quite on his players and i think this is so true watching some of the game yesterday. If Marvin was really into this team dont you think he would go back and try to fire up the defense, or try to fire up the offense. How about giving a crap and getting angry when guys mess up or how about teach the game of football to your players. Hes the biggest joke of a coach and we will keep losing with him here.

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