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Hall Signed


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Hall in fold


July 28, 2007

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3:20 p.m.

GEORGETOWN, Ky _ And then there were none.

According to one of the agents for cornerback Leon Hall, his client is going to be at practice when the Bengals step on the field Saturday night at Georgetown College for their second practice of the day and third of training camp to make attendance 100 percent. Hall, the Michigan cornerback taken with the 18th pick, is believed to have agreed on a five-year deal.

Per their policy, the Bengals will most likely announce the deal after he arrives here and signs the contract.

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Florio over at PFT has some contract details...

A league source confirms that the deal is indeed done. Per the source, Hall's contract is a five-year deal with $8.2 million in guaranteed money and a maximum value of $13.6 million.

Florio also notes that the Donks inked Jarvis Moss (pick 17, right before Hall) at about the same time Hall's deal got done. Moss got more overall ($15 million) but apparently Hall snagged $200k more in guaranteed coin. So it's a win-win-win: the FO gets a fair deal and the kid into camp (almost) on time, Hall gets paid, and his agent gets some bragging rights. :sure:

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