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  1. You have to have the talent and that’s the biggest question still with this line. Glenn if healthy is a big plus. Boling will be his Workman solid self. Then who knows after that? Price has to come in out of the box ready. He can’t pull a Bodine and be hidden by 4 over high level players like 2014. Ultimately one the previous drafted tackles has to step up big one at a minimum. The last two draft classes have been weak and overall highly touted linemen in the draft have gone from safe to risky players in years 1-3. Pollack could be undermined if Dalton and WRs struggle to pick up whatever new scheme. Dalton is pure crap in progressions 3 and 4. So any discomfort there is going to lead to pressure. Most NFL protection schemes assign the 5th and 6th rusher to the QB/WR. Sometimes the 4th rusher because Dick Lebeau invented a truly revolutionary concept that has stood the test of time and Defenses can overload and mess up the count etc. on the flip side he’s got talented RBs. So I hope they stay healthy and the line can give them more room.
  2. With the utilization of blocking chutes, hopefully that’s a sign of more downhill run blocking utilized in 2014 before Hue switched offensive focus. Would really play well with Mixon’s style. Gio was really good in zone schemes but probably can adjust to hitting the hole first. Jeremy Hill could never transition.
  3. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    Browns 4-44. Let me know when it’s ok to say they make wrong choices, lol.
  4. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    Again, go revisit the Lawson and Willis draft threads. The issue isn’t talent vs need. The issue is emotionally invested opinions leading individuals to come to incorrect opinions that they never reconcile afterward. If they are scoring high in Gil Brandt’s list or whatever they probably did pretty good.
  5. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    Talent trumps need go review the Lawson and Willis draft threads from a year ago. You’ll find a common theme.
  6. Rd. 3 78&79

    Free Agent Right Tackle?
  7. Rd. 3 78&79

    So Mexico isn’t paying for the wall because we didn’t draft a Right Tackle? I’m confused. Anyway athletic Linebacker = Good when main division rival offense has the ability to flip the feild attacking all levels of a defense. Same for safety pick. Hopefully Trump builds the wall and these two players build a wall in front of the end zone.
  8. Rd. 3 78&79

    Jefferson is my favorite pick. Number 1 we are starting to see a little thawing of at least investing in the spot instead relying heavily on UDFAs and 1 year stop gap vets that mostly have lost a step. Dawson - bust Vigil - marginal performance Hopefully this athletic backer can do more. It certainly is needed to battle Pittsburgh because they challenge you defensively to cover the entire field. They can throw the ball 5 yards and flip the feild. Got to have guys that can run in the middle of the feild.
  9. Rd. 3 78&79

    I’m guessing the Safety pick and this pick will further erode the traditional 3 down 4-3 backer. It’s a guess because we don’t know the new D-Coordinator. Traditional Sam and Mike backers are a dying breed.
  10. Mark Walton, RB - 4th Round

    Some dude on the radio commenting on Connor Williams and the Cowboys proclaimed league scouts don’t like Texas tackles with high picks from their most recent offense because it doesn’t translate to what pro tackles have to do. There is a curve. But really that’s been a lot of programs,IMO, you can run down a list of top draft tackles that have struggled big time recently. This notion that they could have upgraded in Round 1 at RT isn’t based in reality and much less talking about round 4.
  11. Mark Walton, RB - 4th Round

    Connor Williams was projecting as guard. I believe there is some speculation about why the Cowboys announced him as a Guard when it was speculated that Collins was going to get that spot.
  12. Mark Walton, RB - 4th Round

    Lol, it’s more probable that THE top tackle in this draft will struggle regardless as a rookie. To think a 4th round tackle upends any existing right tackle on the roster pre draft isn’t impossible but highly unlikely. You are not even presenting rational thought. It’s highly likely we will see this pick play special teams since he was very good at it in college AND they do get the ball to 3 backs.
  13. Mark Walton, RB - 4th Round

    This pick has been described as a Gio Clone. The immortal Rex Burkhead ran a 4.7 Oh the HORROR! This is coming from a fan that wanted to fill the RT but the prospects weren’t there and that’s how it played out.
  14. Rd. 3 78&79

    Allow me to play this card: For all I know every right tackle selected in the 2018 draft could be Willie Anderson. Until that day comes, log out.
  15. Mark Walton, RB - 4th Round

    I’m just pointing out his 40 time at his pro day and the fact he has a good chance to contribute to special teams. Making this a good value pick. We all can play the game of projecting the absolute worse vs the best to hate or like a pick. Why waste the time pissing and moaning over a weak class of offensive tackles?
  16. Mark Walton, RB - 4th Round

    This rookie RB will have a chance at greater impact via special teams. You could say the same for DB at this spot. To be honest I don’t know what the hell they are going to do with all the Dline. Somebody should run a depth chart. I thought they grabbed two impact DEs last year that will be studs that were underutilized. MJ is probably goneunless he earn snaps as DT rusher BUT that was a Zimmer/Pauly thing. The rest of Dline is future because both Atkins and Dunlap are FAs after the season.
  17. Mark Walton, RB - 4th Round

    He injured his ankle in October. Ended his season. He claims he could have played in their bowl game but didn’t want to risk it. Ran 4.5 at the Miami pro day after the combine. He’s a clone of Gio who was 2nd round pick. He was available in the 4th round because of disappointing combine time combined with a strong RB class last year and this year. It was a very good value pick. Any negative grade on the pick itself would be based on need preferences. Although the Bengals are down RB roster spot wise.
  18. Rd. 3 78&79

    Time will tell. They struck out with that K-state LB a couple drafts ago. Hopefully this athlete can get on the field.
  19. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    I’m not put off by the lack of not drafting an offensive tackle. Not a great class. Draft one everyone can stand and applaud but it’s unlikely even the top talent would have much of an offensive impact and could have very well struggled like an increasing amount of high draft picks. I down grade the draft by not getting the second interior line player. Pre draft it was a loaded interior class and the talent went higher than usual to a historical level lending credibility to that thought. I like the athletic LB from Texas. That’s what they needed. Safety sounds like a center fielder so maybe that can give some more 3 safety options to get better underneath coverage. Probably a strong C+
  20. The O-Line Roster

    I have no idea what to think about the offense. New scheme. Highly talented skill players. Huge ???? with line. unfortunately any trouble learning the scheme will undermine the o-line continued bad line play will handcuff learning the offense. Much work to be done
  21. Draft Grades and Reviews 2018

    Use some of that draft capital trade up and take Crosby, T from Oregon
  22. Rd. 3 78&79

    Defensive draft second day. Somebody can post names. Ohio State DE and Texas LB
  23. 2018 NFL draft R2 - pick 46

    Lol, it’s first ballot HOF or bust just for moving 8 spots while gaining 22 in the next round. Mike and SAM LBs will continue to lose snaps to various coverage schemes is my guess.
  24. 2018 NFL draft R2 - pick 46

    Nobody knows with new D Coordinator. My guess is the back 7 is becoming more and more role specific. Iloka or Williams weren’t big contracts comparatively.
  25. 2018 NFL draft R2 - pick 46

    I read nothing into the pick as far as snap count or roster spot. I doubt this pick plays more than 50% snaps without massive injury. They said he’s a Center Feild type safety which I hoping for the opposite.