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  1. Titans @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Hart already declared out.
  2. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    The guys on the radio indicated the Bengals had not blitzed much the entire day but decided to do so on that play. Leaving 1 on 1 when you are trying to keep them out of FG range. Questionable call, like the end of the half against Philly. They can't get critical stops at all. Although, I'm sure if they rushed 4 and played zone some dude would have come open quickly like they did in Indy.
  3. Farewell Andy Dalton

    Dalton got lit up. I’ve always thought QB rules puts them in danger. The slide rule needs removed, IMO. That way they don’t risk the late slide and get down faster or not run at all. sliding opens them up to big time injury. That’s what happened between Geathers and Trent Green. I think that effectively ended his career.
  4. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    AJ was taking a pursuit angle. He did not bail on a tackle attempt
  5. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Talk about funny. Hunt coming in and bring the highest graded defender. That dude can blow up a blocking scheme. Not much on getting the tackle so you need a fast scrapping LB behind him.
  6. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Paul Dehner Jr. @pauldehnerjr · Oct 26, 2020 #Bengals top three offensive grades, via @PFF from Sunday: RT Bobby Hart: 83.6 LG Michael Jordan: 75.3 WR Tyler Boyd: 73.1 Bottom three offense: Fred Johnson: 42.5 Semaje Perine: 55.4 Mason Schreck: 59.7 Paul Dehner Jr. @pauldehnerjr #Bengals top three defensive grades, via @PFF from Sunday: DL Margus Hunt: 72.3 DL Khalid Kareem: 70.8 LB Logan Wilson: 67.5 Bottom three defense: DL Carl Lawson: 42.6 CB LeShaun Sims: 43.9 S Vonn Bell: 46.6 9:53 AM · Oct 26, 2020 47 25 people are Tweeting about this
  7. Titans @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    That's kinda why I say let it play out and if the current trend continues the rest of the season, IMO you'd be foolish to fire Zac. The defense has been horrid before he got here. The o-line was bad before he goth here. Both are still bad. However you can see a good offense developing. I mean the Browns have Garrett and Ward. A Bruce Smith and shut down corner. We got Billy Price, Hart, and Fred, then Akeem. We didn't punt the entire game. IMO, that's not normal. That's getting the most of what you've been handed. The most important step right now is keep Burrow standing. Zac and Burrow on the same page. Then they are just going to have to fill in the pieces which I remain concerned about how possible that is really. They need about 7-10 top 150 draft picks and have a hit rate well above normal to turn this thing quickly.
  8. Titans @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Sweet Lou was like the 4th/5th choice depending how much faith you put into the reports. Del Rio and Dom Capers turned down offers interview supposedly. The Florida University coordinator decline an offer and specifically sited lack of talent. I remember when hearing that comment, I doubted he was serious because we had Atkins and Dunlap. The defense has been horrid since 2018 and they had to fire that coordinator too. The reality is Dunlap and the yesteryear stars are no longer that. Guys that evaluate football players for a living saw it in 2019 and what a deep rebuild it was going to be. Bengals are probably not going to lure any D-Coordinator that has hopes of a quick Head Coaching job promotion. Going to need a guy like Zimmer or Zimmer himself that was passed over so many times for HC spot. A guy that can get his hands on productive veterans and know how to play them to success. Wade Phillips is perfect because he no longer has any desire to be a head coach.
  9. Titans @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    That might be how it works in Cleveland, Arizona. What franchise drafts a QB No. 1 overall then fires the Head Coach mid season or following that first season? Most people realize when you are in a position of No. 1 overall it's because you earned it. The Bengals did not tank last year. They were bad. Nobody can argue that Tobin/Katy didn't do much to the roster following 2018 in hopes they could return to that 4-1 mark in 2019. This is a way deeper rebuild than what Marvin faced with Palmer and Dalton.
  10. Titans @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    That is a risky assumption. Lewis/Brat and Palmer were aided by a large number of turnovers in 2004 and 2005. The 2018 Bengals had several defensive scores. It's been a while since we've seen this level of scoring from the offense. Probably since 2015 with Dalton and Hue. Zac/Burrow Doing it WITHOUT special teams and defensive scores. What you are suggesting isn't how it works at all. That's actually the exception to the rule and knee jerk reaction that rarely produces anything better. I can't think of a franchise that drafts a QB No. 1 overall; then fires the head coach with in the first year or after the first year with that QB. If there is a franchise, I'm guessing it's the Cleveland Browns or Arizona Cardinals. That isn't a model of success at all. The defense can't get a critical stop and we are going to fire the Offensive Head Coach when his rookie is rocketing to the top of good QB lists? If this continues for the rest of the season, I couldn't think of a more counter productive move.
  11. Titans @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Marvin didn't win more than he loss until year 3 and started with a more talent. Marvin didn't have a good defense (his strength) well until his 6th year when Zimmer was hired. Was Zimmer his 3rd D Coordinator? Zac is delivering on his expertise despite a major disadvantage up front and that situation was surfacing in 2014 well before anyone knew who Zac Taylor was. I say let the season play out but the more 30 point games the offense throws up the more impressive Zac looks, IMO. If he's getting production out of Burrow it would be foolish to pull the plug on that, IMO.
  12. Titans @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Disagree. They keep scoring at this rate and are competitive like this the rest of the season it’d be dumb to fire Zac, imo. Let the season play out.
  13. Titans @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Funny. I was wishing today Gio was ruled down after getting the first but no TD. So they could run another few seconds off. That defense is pitiful.
  14. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    1:06 and they can’t protect a lead?
  15. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Pitiful defense. Need to fire that d-coordinator.
  16. Auden Tate May Seek Trade

    That’s just wrong. Don’t go out like this Carlos. I wouldn’t give him away either.
  17. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Interesting on college pre game. Urban Meyer thinks player caller needs to be its own full time position. Given the amount of data involved. I think Zac calls all the plays.
  18. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    I just hope Mixon being out becomes an excuse to not try to run the ball and we drop back Burrow 61 times again. Really need to start lessening the hits on him.
  19. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Offensive line has been horrible in many 1 score or less losses. I’m not really sure how you can avoid the personnel and draft decisions that directly influence a coach’s win/loss record.
  20. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Eh, that's too simplistic. Were you willing to give up Joe Burrow? Tee Higgins? For who, exactly? Makes no sense really. Here Zach we can sign Hart. If we don't we have 1 tackle on the roster entering the draft. If we do, we plan on adding Williams with our No. 1 pick and we like Cody Hart and plan to trade up. That didn't happen so they drafted Michael Jordan, signed Andre Smith and Fred Johnson. At some point Tobin's scouting has to be called out over the Head Coach. Reality is this was never a quick fix UNLESS you were willing to give up the chance to draft Joe Burrow.
  21. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    3rd - Fans were adamant about staying put for Burrow. Then are you giving up Tee Higgins for Ezra Cleveland or Josh Jones, two guys that don’t play much this year? There simply wasn’t a 1 offseason fix when the decided to dump cap dollars into the defense. Taylor may be a bad coach, but he really doesn’t have crap to work with along the o-line and that fate was sealed long before he was a HC.
  22. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    1st -Taylor didn’t resign Hart. 2nd - Hart is proving that was the correct move. That was pure Tobin. Don’t get me wrong Hart is bottom tier but there wasn’t a sure fire RT available AND it would have left them only dis gruntled Glenn going into the draft. Then they drafted Williams and failed in an attempt to trade up and draft Cody Ford. Drafted Micheal Jordan later.
  23. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    At some point you got to start winning and the young players need to lead the way. I'm still rooting for that to happen regardless of how meaningless it means for playoffs etc. Otherwise you are in the Cleveland Browns cycle.