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  1. Giants preseason game

    That is sweet!
  2. Offensive Line

    If they can’t get the running game going it’s going to be bad on offense this year. The ball has to come out quick in the passing game which is easier to do with a decent run game.
  3. Offensive Line

    Still the biggest question on offense. My guess is 1 surprise cut is coming and maybe 1 surprise benching. Mixon will get yards but the rest of the offense will struggle without big improvement from this group.
  4. Offensive Line

    If you are predetermined to think this team will suck; Trent Williams solves nothing other than to maybe move you down the draft board a couple spots. Dalton will cost a lot of cap space in his next deal. I’m taking Williams if they can get an extended deal keeping him at least 4 years AND less than a 1st. Otherwise not worth it, IF you think this team is going to suck. Which I kinda think they are 6/7 win range.
  5. Offensive Line

    Preseason reveals nothing, IMO. The first 2 games were not needle movers, IMO. If you go into the game thinking Bengals will suck then you’ll see things that confirm that and ignore the anything that suggest the opposite. If you go into the game thinking they are awesome. You’ll see exactly that. That is the fools gold of the preseason. Very rarely you get a performance that changes your world view. Typically IF you do, it’s usually an individual performance. At least for me anyway. I can remember watching a select few Bengal rookies play in their first preseason action and thinking they nailed it right off the bat. I think this is 6/7 win team then pending momentum and luck/bad luck they could jump or down a few notches. I’m guessing I’ll feel that way after the Giants game.
  6. Offensive Line

    Dalton is under contract 2020. So you could dangle him to replace any pick lost for Williams. So there is that option too.
  7. Offensive Line

    All Hail the return of Westerman! Anyhoo if your sitting around thinking this team is going to suck or be mediocre and out of the playoffs. To be honest Trent Williams isn’t changing that. He might make enough of an impact to drop this team to drafting in the low teens vs top 10 range. With the class of QBs coming, the prospect of the Bengals being a 6 win team, and the fact mediocre vet QBs will cost you 20-30 mil in cap room. I’m holding on to the 1st round pick. Because if the season goes south like most posters on here express after every holding call in the preseason. There are many options: 1. Bench Dalton. See what you have in Finley and simultaneously suck for a chance at QB lotto. Hopefully upgrade the position while cheaper the next 5 seasons. 2. If Finley looks good. Use higher pick for help. Either way you making a change at QB and avoiding 20-30 mil cap room suckage with the next Dalton deal. Which he will get.
  8. Offensive Line

    My question would be how much football is he ready to play? Disgruntled can go away and sometimes it stays. Are you going to have to throw him a new contract to get his best? Is his best still possible? Cordy Glenn once upon a time was mentioned with Whitworth. Cordy Glenn hasn’t resolved line issues. Trent Williams. You could be giving up draft value just to have a team unload a contract on you. As far as draft picks and future QBs. It is fact our 4th rounder looks better than some first rounders. But I think this was a down QB class at the top of the draft. Legit franchise QBs are looming in next’s years class.
  9. Offensive Line

    Them giving Westerman time to think over retirement has me thinking they view him as a roster worthy player.
  10. Offensive Line

    Sounds like Price is back with 1s. Does he start Center this week?
  11. 4th Round Pick (C): Michael Jordan, OG, OSU

    3 retirements? Until some details come out, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Boling wasn’t an abrupt retirement. They knew during the offseason it was possible. Perkins, bought me a breakfast burrito one time. So I’m sad to see him go. But he was a bottom of the roster guys with the old staff. Westerman. The same as Perkins. PFF had a hardon for this guy but none of his coaches did.
  12. RIP Cedric Benson

    Sad. His revenge game was a great game. We had an epic tailgate with an ice luge for shots. Eventual nakedness and body shots. Then go into stadium with some mouthy Bears fans and Ced destroyed them early. Good season that was until playoff flop but Ced had a good playoff game too.
  13. Kurt Warner did not say he was a future starter. He did say he was more impressive so far than some of the higher drafted QBs that carry the burden of expectations to be starters and potentially franchise players. So that’s a good thing to read.
  14. A competent QB and OC can throw to Running backs and TEs all day long in the preseason. Defenses mostly are playing straight up and the rules favor the offense. Theses are even more meaningless than they were previously. They are held to fulfill media obligations for revenue that’s it.
  15. Title of the thread says it all. Glorified practice. First 2 games have not been needle movers at all. Finely looks like a competent dink and dunk qb thus far. Can his confidence grow the next two games to start chucking them down field?
  16. True. Billy Price would have started and gotten a handful of snaps last night if Marvin was here. Instead he’s running with the 2s and playing significant snaps.
  17. I didn’t see the start of the game. I think end of first quarter on except for 1 blown coverage Bengals looked dominant. I don’t know what shakes out on the o-line but I’m glad they are getting reps to young players. With today’s practice culture it’s hard to get them decent full go snaps. Really just take it at face value, glad they won.
  18. That game didn’t move the needle for me 1 bit. Defense for the most part couldn’t get off the field. Starting offense was good. Played off schedule the entire first drive and got a TD. O-line; Munoz said they protected well. I just don’t think you can judge it because the ball comes out quick and defenses aren’t really throwing full coverages at a QB. Typical first preseason game.
  19. How bad is AJ hurt ??

    The emergence of Malone in TC is a non factor with AJ because they still have a former 9th overall pick that isn’t on the field. So that’s a natural spot to bump IF Malone keeps his upside going. Sorry Ross, fix yo hammy.
  20. How bad is AJ hurt ??

    Lol. The Bengals were close to a deal prior to the injury and have the franchise tag. Why under sell now?
  21. Offensive Line

    Not saying Bengals ever do it, but Washington would be fools to trade prior to preseason games starting unless they are getting their A deal.
  22. 3rd Round Pick: Germaine Pratt, LB, NC State

    Early TC reports are very positive for this pick.
  23. 6th Round Pick (C): Rodney Anderson, RB, Oklahoma

    Just passed physical and got activated. Not sure when he practices. If he’s the steal we’d hoped on draft day there’s a slim chance he remains on practice squad. Could he bump Gio?
  24. Rodney Anderson activated. Removes pup possibility. Keeping 4 backs or is one in trouble?
  25. Offensive Line

    It appears the same the previous couple TCs. Line dominated by D-line. Preseason OL looks decent because team’s play soft coverage which is a strength of Dalton’s getting ball out quick. Regular season comes and offense plays well against team’s that play soft coverages and really struggled against teams that press forcing delayed throws. Going to have to scheme their way out of it and the good news is they have RBs that can create on their own. Bad news is durability and with Marvin and Co. they constantly got away from running the past couple years. Mixon’s rookie year for some reason they had to give Hill some carries. Going to have to stick with running game and hopefully that can open things up for them. O-line isn’t going to be able to protect constantly for deeper drops. More than expected drives will be wasted due to tackles for loss on RBs or holding.