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  1. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    When your bull pen sucks... give me all the 7 inning double headers you can.
  2. General Training Camp Thread

    Dalton was a decent starting QB. That was elevated by a tremendous line and supporting cast and defense during his playoff years. Choked in about every big game he played in. Rookie Burrow has a lot more work to do than rookie Dalton and I hope fans don’t get caught up in that too early.
  3. General Free Agency Thread

    Peko can eat up blockers. If that’s what you are looking for.
  4. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    He’s not wrong. Unless they are holding a practice at Whispering Pines.
  5. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    I wonder if they are going quarantine the QB room or keep more QBs on the roster?
  6. General Training Camp Thread

    Hopefully none of the FAs fail. It's been a long time since March.
  7. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    Kentucky High School sports have been limited regulated workouts during June/July. Many worried the Gov. would pull the plug this week and instead they set a full practice date and season start. Pushed back and could still cancel but if a high school sports are giving it till Sept. Professional leagues will for sure.
  8. General Training Camp Thread

    That’s every rookie, correct? Nothing left to do but start working.
  9. General Training Camp Thread

    Great news!
  10. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    Burrow signed!
  11. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    How pissed are people going to be when these Patriots opt out and gain immediate cap relief then back fill with Clowney?
  12. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    lol, Bob Nightengale. At some point you have to start questioning the over the top opinions based on COVID positive test at this point. Yes, the dooms day opinions were rewarded in March as things came to a halt immediately. In the summer leagues are testing more and getting more results to banter about as a result. Deaths are down vs. the feared scenarios like Italy and New York. The for profit leagues are going to attempt to manager their way through at this time. Oh really, Bob? Hit just about every scenario there didn't you? Guess what the Comish isn't simply hoping he's falling back on their established protocols as it turns out. That's like the second line in his opinion article with a Headline that declares the season in jeopardy. Good lord. His opinion is shit.
  13. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    Hopkins better than Bodine not as good as Cook. Price worse than Bodine and Guycheck. That’s my take. Hopkins is helped perception wise because he the best of a shitty group. However he’s probably hurt performance wise because he is surrounded by that same shitty group. Williams, Jordan, and Johnson have to come up ACES.
  14. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    Not gonna happen, IMO. The Leah Steinberg vs. Mike Brown pissing matches at the expense of client/New Franchise QB are long gone, I hope.
  15. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    I think the delay is related to getting them on site. Burrow was reportedly going to be at PBS for the first time on Tuesday. I’d expect things to move quickly and if they don’t after this week then I’d start to worry.
  16. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    Lap was on the radio saying preseason revenues are apart of the salary cap formula. The NFL offer of no preseason games could be to call the players bluff. Similar to what MLB owners did after players said name a time and place. The sticking point between players and ownership is going to be a shrinking cap and how to deal with that.
  17. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    I don't know. Basically for Florida or Texas to equal New York's death rate they would need a drastic up tick in either Death percentage OR confirmed cases. The out kick article put that's at nearly 3 million cases which is a significant variance that just can't be explained away by point to lagging death especially when uptick in cases started almost a month ago. The article from the Atlantic sets up a straw man argument and does a good job of beating that argument. I think that's a cheap generalization. Actually moves the goal post. As the whole shut down was about avoiding a collapse of our health care system and the death that could because of that.
  18. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    https://www.outkick.com/florida-texas-case-surges-produces-small-fraction-of-new-york-deaths/ A lot of data to consume. But he’s right you never read or hear any of this.
  19. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    Williams has been the best tackle in his age group this country can offer since he was a freshman in high school. They desperately need him to be an All Pro
  20. Bengals Statement on BLM Protests

    I like what Ohio has done with color ranking by County. Very informative and takes the sting out misreporting new cases.
  21. AJ Green is fully on board

    Lol Florio. Weak.
  22. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    NASCAR has been back. Horse Racing is back and in some markets never left (now they are entertaining allowing fans). MLS just returned last nigh. MLB, NHL, and NBA are getting ready to return. College Sports due to different leadership in each conference and institutions AND the athletes are supposed to be students which may or may not be on campus. Different dynamic vs. professional sports. Power 5 College football and basketball brush closely with professional sports.
  23. Will There Be a 2020 NFL Season?

    There will be feetsball.
  24. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    I think they’ve denounced the supposed interest in Larry unfortunately. The secret sauce behind the line post Whitworth was getting Dalton in Shotgun and a pre snap read that Andy aim and fire. Any defense no matter their ability to rush the passer IF they decided or could take that dynamic out it was a feast on the QB. That’s exactly what we saw week 1 vs Seattle. For whatever reason Seattle was content to keep the same scheme with the easy read (pointed out in broadcast). Probably because the NFL doesn’t practice enough in preseason. That was our best outing of the year. Late in the year we saw a very poor Dolphins pass rushing team tee off on Dalton and overall bad offensive day until the last minute of the game. Without substantial improvement across the board individually it could get ugly.
  25. 2020 Offseason Roster Moves

    As stated many times the issue with Ross is health. Then consistency. Then Dalton. I think talent is there. His career path (not game) reminds me of Warrick and TJ. If he can get past the landmines of being injured that makes it easier to be consistent and then if you have a QB that can cash it in when you’ve done your job. My guess even with limited playing time Dalton missed him a dozen times on chunk plays. Dalton hits him just 2 or 3 more times the perception about him changes. or he could easily be what he has been and they move on.