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  1. NFL Playoffs

    Oh I do hope the xfl finds a following for a few years because the NFL could use motivation through competition to improve its game
  2. NFL Playoffs

    Real drug testing will shrink and slow the players. Real grass will slow the players and create nostalgia TV events Allow more hand checking or physical coverage. Dont allow LBs to drop in Zone coverage. They must rush or engage a receiver. Remove QB protections that reward them for getting outside the pocket and entice them to run. Reduce holding by OL. Make it a spot foul when blatant. Remove calls for head shots out of the Refs control. Video review after the game and severe career threatening punishments. Also if player is concussed with a head shot that player is removed until the return I think these things slow the play. Create competitive balance between offense and defense. Create a more entertaining football. Get games over in 3 hours. i never watch a more boring “great” game than this past Super Bowl.
  3. Marvin Praises Bodine, Wants Him Back (not good)

    It’s weird. If Bodine was considered a “good” player his market value would be too much for the Bengals. He sucks so he’s a priority
  4. How different place kickers have won the Super Bowl over the past 15 years?
  5. Russell the muscle will be resigned OR they will fill the hole with low investment replacement.
  6. Lewis is such an ASS! Number one on draft day Lewis relayed the story about him personally scouting Bodine. Something to the effect he wrote on his notebook that he “must have” Then afterwards complete slicence on Bodine as he is bashed from every where and performs at the bottom of the league. Lewis let’s Paul Alexander take the arrows for sticking up for Bodine. Fueling the Paul is Mike’s choice not Lewis angle. Lewis plays the Mike Brown card when he’s without contract. After contract. Scapegoat gone ( Paul says he left). Lewis says: Oh yeah that Bodine guy. We like him and he is a resign priority. Leader. Can you imagine IF Paul returned to the Bengals, then the Bengals resign Bodine? OMG! The message board out rage. Mike and Paul! Paul and Mike! Redrum! Redrum! I don’t know if Paul left or was not asked back. At least we know Lewis is an ASS! We know for sure the organization methodology towards football doesn’t value Centers or interior line play in significant cap investment. You’ll have cheap rookies or cost value vets in those 3 spots.
  7. NFL Playoffs

    lol, Bodine is a priority according to Lewis and the new super duper line coach spoke positively about him. it’s amazing sometimes the alternate reality that is created on message boards because fans know ownership and head coach are unlikely to change so Assistant Coach’s become scapegoats. Lewis scouted Bodine in person and they traded up to get him. Bodine is a low tier Center because they don’t prioritize the position highly and they are forced to build a team with a self imposed harder cap than majority of teams
  8. I’m just saying the catalyst for the Pittsburgh 2005 title and the last Denver title wasn’t QB play, but if you just go by the QBs last name you could be duped into thinking the actual play that particular year was on par with the rest of their career. Tom Terrific was the same way. In fact Bledsoe actually won Brady’s first AFC championship due to an in game injury to Brady.
  9. Bengals were scrapping by in the 80s. relying on what was left of the greatness of Paul and two historically inventive coaches in Wyche and Lebeau. By the time Marvin came they were more than two decades behind NFL franchises. Lewis has implemented every modern Bengals football methodology. I have said it many times on here. I believe he’ll be apart of choosing his replacement and not shocked if ends up with front office role. I don’t believe for 1 second those late season games meant anything. Marvin played the break up game to feed his ego and Mike is too lazy to start over and changing things an outside coach would want to.
  10. A truer test would be: How many times did a top 3 AFC statistical QB and top AFC passing offense win the AFC? It will still skew favorably towards QB, I’m guessing but it will not seem so one sided as just relying on “name” which assumes the Hall of Fame QB delivered a MVP season each and everytime they won a Super Bowl.
  11. Don’t get me wrong QB is very important. However, playing the name game is skewing the reality. For instances Ben was a game managing QB in 2005 and the running game and defense led them the way. Peyton Manning was trash during his last Super Bowl season with Denver that team was led by defense. Tom Brady and the Patriots also transformed throughout the years. However QB should be on the table for pick 12.
  12. I know. Just saying I don’t buy it. Despite what he says. They half ass everything around there. IMO, when faced with changing Marvin and all the work that would involve afterward AND not having a familiar face available like Vance, Hue or Jay then Marvin became the easy road. IMO, Mike doesn’t want to deal with a new coach wanting to do things his own way and having to trained on the “Bengal way”
  13. I really don’t believe that. I think those victories gave something to rationalize the easy path for Mike. IMO, the guy doesn’t want to do the hard work to get the organization to the next level and will just continue to look at runs to the Super Bowl as decided by fate and circumstance.
  14. I wouldn’t take a guard that high. They’ve proven that they are not willing to resign if the player works out. Also they had Z with Ced at RT. Weakness on the edge overrides good guard play. They also have options for interior and hopefully they also invest FA dollars inside Right or Left tackle is of no concern. We have Seen first hand 2 seasons in a row that weakness in either can disrupt an offense. I would start with trying to upgrade edge protection. I wouldn’t be against taking 2 again. I also wouldn’t pass up Lamar Jackson at this point either
  15. There’s a 3rd top tackle that entered my radar, Brown? Good news for the Bengals. Having 3 prospects plus a top guard to ponder at 12.
  16. NFL Playoffs

    I’m rooting for New England because I believe IF they win it all that gives them 6. Knocking down Pitt’s ability to boast about the only franchise to have 6.
  17. Bengals had a shot at missing the Steelers altogether that year but they lost key seeding games after beating Steelers early December. should and could have been 13-3. That has been a constant staple with Lewis.
  18. NFL Playoffs

    I love how high and mighty Steeler fans are. Crying afterward about the Jags talking smack and being classless, lol. More than any other fan base they can’t take what their team dishes out.
  19. Marvin plays the Mike Brown card everytime the team sinks. If Ced, Bodine, and Fisher weren’t huge misses, he’d be sitting up there letting sports media give him and Tobin credit for the turn around like he did when he was winning the division. 2 years from now we can blame Darrin Simmons. You can argue with the moves because no President of Football Operations was brought in with power to dictate the cap, draft, and staffing.
  20. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Just as there are a lot better HCs and front offices out there. Better ways to manage a cap too.
  21. Potential Coaching Candidates

    I like the new adds. However every offensive coach removed is a scapegoat to cover for horrible roster management from Brown down to Marvin. Retaining high level linemen didn’t fit the hard cap plans of management. They missed badly on 3 critical line picks. This team has talent but Management plays lip service to winning a championship. How in the hell can an 80 year old owner say he wants a championship and let a franchise left tackle walk into free agency over a couple million dollars? The coaches they swapped out aren’t anymore accomplished than the ones that left. Roof sheeting wasn’t bad. You have rotten beams that need replacing.
  22. Potential Coaching Candidates

    They won 43 games in 4 seasons with 2 division titles. It wasn’t hype. In the after math of the high point they’ve lost significant pieces to other teams compounding the pre existing FA losses, again confirming talent was there. Coming into this 2018 season the bengals will have the line to worry about no doubt. But you have Dalton,Green, Mixon, Gio, Atkins, Dunlap, Burfict, WJ3 on paper already. The bengals will push for the playoffs this season but they do have big questions about the offensive line. In my mind, Bengal fans divert too much blame to Assistant coaches. The ceiling of this team next 2 seasons will limited to Marvin Lewis and the Bengals self imposed hard cap. Go ahead today and pick out the long time Bengal assistant that’s going to be the root of the reason they can’t move past the wild card the next 2 years.
  23. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Rattle off the free agents that have gotten plucked from this team. Marvin squandered the best teams this franchise has ever had. They’ve won 6 and 7 games in the 2 years since 2015 with a bunch of 1 score wins but also losses with a horrible ass line. This team isn’t going to sink at all, IMO. In my mind you have a proven choke artist at HC. Then you have a self imposed hard cap. I would not be surprised at playoffs next year but I doubt they win anything with Marvin at the helm.
  24. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Yeah he is. It’s nice to get some coaching turnover because things have gotten past stale but them going to the playoffs 6 out 7 seasons didn’t happen with crappy lines. The removed coaches with Marvin and Tobin still in the same roles are scapegoats for the bad personnel decisions and horrible big game moments. These are nice hires, but come on in 2 years when they haven’t won a Super Bowl is it still going to be some random assistant coaches fault? Marvin had some of the best lines and defenses in the league and franchise history with PA and Zimmer. Didn’t win shit. The buck stops at the top with Brown and Blackburn but Marvin and Tobin own it too and they are “yes” men the owners are comfortable with.