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  1. 4th Round Pick (C): Michael Jordan, OG, OSU

    Noooo! But yeah I wonder if there's a problem with their, uh, position coach....
  2. Redskins Preseason Glorified Practice

    I don't think anyone's saying he's a future starter yet, and I'd certainly expect them to draft a franchise QB next year if the right one is there. Driskell has had some nice preseason games too. But they used a 4th rounder on him, Taylor's a former QB, etc.., As long as Finley is playing well, can't complain. We'll see what happens I guess, be it this year or next.
  3. Redskins Preseason Glorified Practice

    Don't think he needs to necessarily, but yeah can't remember a single deep sideline or post route he threw in either game. Throws a catchable ball, but gotta wonder about arm strength leading NFL WR's (no idea how good he is at that, am guessing not great).
  4. 4th Round Pick (C): Michael Jordan, OG, OSU

    yeah, probably not a good sign for Price not being able to stick at C as a 1st round pick. Hopkins seems to have taken him over this year. I'm a big OSU fan, but Price has been disappointing and I wasn't all that enamored with the pick (the position, yes, the player, no - always felt he was overrated and a potential injury-prone player). You just wonder if he was a Mike Brown pick since he was a Buckeye. Hopefully he can get/stay healthy and fulfill his potential.
  5. Redskins Preseason Glorified Practice

    Bengals' win! 23-13. Back-ups stole the show, Wynn, Willis with the rush, Ellis, Tate and Finley helped score 17 points I believe. Starting unit was bloody awful.
  6. Redskins Preseason Glorified Practice

    Finley 21 for 27, 2 TD's, 153 passing yards, less than 2 full quarters. Also Tate needs to make the roster and get more opps.
  7. Redskins Preseason Glorified Practice

    Has a bit of a noodle arm (accurate though), but yeah stands in there well and keeps his head downfield without panicking, pretty impressive so far.
  8. Redskins Preseason Glorified Practice

    Finley on-point again so far.
  9. Redskins Preseason Glorified Practice

    The NFL definitely isn't. And yeah I'm not pinning the state of this team on him, the two bad throws were all on him though, but he's not going to overcome 4-5 holding penalties the first two drives either.
  10. Redskins Preseason Glorified Practice

    Another holding penalty, Dalton misses Eifert in the end zone, then has a typical batted-pass for a pick 6, comes off the field smiling and laughing. I can't tell you how utterly sick I am of watching him play football.
  11. Redskins Preseason Glorified Practice

    Lol, 2 of the first 3 plays = holding penalties for the Bengals. It's going to be a long year.
  12. Redskins Preseason Glorified Practice

    Jordan with the start at RG tonight. Curious to see how he does vs 1st teamers.
  13. 4th Round Pick (C): Michael Jordan, OG, OSU

    Sounds like he's in the mix for one of the starting G jobs, at the moment any way.
  14. Chiefs Preseason Glorified Practice

    Yeah I don't see how Finley doesn't get the nod, think we've seen all we need to of Driskell any ways. Taylor has his work cut out for him, just wonder when he'll get that blank, far-off stare wondering what happened to his life...unless he really believes he can be the first head coach under Mike Brown to "not" end his head coaching career here over the last 3 decades, it's where head coaching careers go to die young man. I wish him well, it looks like his offense can at least move the ball despite a woeful interior line and no RT to speak of, and a defense with no LB's and one of the league's worst SS's. I really want to know who in the Bengals' "brain trust" thinks this team can compete with those LB's? That you can win enough games to go to the playoffs with literally not one above-league-average LB on your entire freakin' roster? It's like they're not even trying. Sorry but I'm just bored to death watching Sean Williams, Nickerson, Evans and Co. chase after people downfield every week - find some real *** damn talent already.
  15. Chiefs Preseason Glorified Practice

    Losing interest quickly, 8 penalties, 2 turnovers so far, down by 17, barely into the 2nd half, par for the course. Welcome to Cincy Zac, enjoy your short career as a HC in the league. This juust in: Hardy Nickerson STILL sucks. And he still plays for the Bengals! Yay! I can't wait to watch him and Sean Williams all season long...again....and again...and again...and again...
  16. Chiefs Preseason Glorified Practice

    The comedy, good or bad, is necessary as a Bengals' fan.
  17. Chiefs Preseason Glorified Practice

    Almost forgot Sean Wiliams is still on this team....and still terrible.
  18. Chiefs Preseason Glorified Practice

    Good to see Core still getting shots, like him more than Malone. Nice drive at least, some promise there certainly.
  19. Chiefs Preseason Glorified Practice

    Dalton classic underthrow to miss a sure TD - go figure
  20. Chiefs Preseason Glorified Practice

    Milk and Cookies and Bible stories at Andy's after the game!
  21. 6th Round Pick (C): Rodney Anderson, RB, Oklahoma

    If he's ready to go, we're probably looking at this year's preseason shiny thing. If he stays healthy, I can see him making the roster. He's not PS talent, someone will claim him if he's healthy and has a good preseason.
  22. How bad is AJ hurt ??

    Yeah, and frankly the Bengals' wouldn't bother to put that much effort into anything. They don't care enough.
  23. Offensive Line

    How is that not an ownership issue? They've "struck out" for 25+ years.
  24. How bad is AJ hurt ??

    Yeah not good that they carted him off, at all. 30 years old, 9th year in the league, final year of deal, chronic foot injury issues, his whole game is speed and making acrobatic/difficult catches, slight build, at a position where most guys decline rather rapidly at his age. That said you'd figure he'd have a few more great years left without the injury problems. Seeing a developing scenario where this may very well be the final year of the Dalton/AJ era, unless for some reason Dalton excels in the new system, but am not seeing that behind this o-line.
  25. Offensive Line

    I don't know what they were thinking by not signing or at least drafting another legit starting RT contender. As usual an ownership issue - and Taylor has to already be feeling the pressure and disadvantages coaches have here. Going into this year, I don't know that there's a worse o-line in the entire league, and they knew that in the off-season, yet were content on depending on another rookie draft pick, and signing a mediocre FA at G, and literally nothing else.