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  1. Offseason Thoughts

    Maybe he's just trying to be diplomatic for the lineman who got him to the SB and are no longer here, which is entirely possible. From what I recall, all of the sacks were of the "bad" variety last year. Final play of the SB could've been a TD and possibly the best SB ending of all-time, but nooooo o-line clown show ruined it!
  2. Offseason Thoughts

    I can't imagine drafting Hill sat well with him either. Hill "should" be a better over-all player, at least at some point. I can't see them paying 2-3 safeties 1st round/top FA money. Bates knows he's out, I'd want to get paid too after my best season and becoming a FA. A one year deal just lowers his long-term value now most likely.
  3. Round 3 (95): Zach Carter, DL, Florida

    Really hope Ossai stays healthy and is the real deal: "In the Bengals' first preseason game, Ossai showed why he was a potential steal in the third round, putting up seven pressures and two run stops and a sack of Tom Brady. Ossai would finish the week as PFF's third-highest graded rookie, finishing behind only Patrick Surtain II and Mac Jones." https://www.si.com/college/texas/longhorns-in-the-pros/former-longhorn-joseph-ossai-excited-to-return-to-action-for-the-bengals#gid=ci029f2d40500026f8&pid=usatsi_15048765
  4. Round 1 (31): Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

    Hill's cover skills: Chiefs NFL Draft - CB/S Daxton Hill Film Room: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq7fCMl0dwA
  5. 2022 Schedule

    Optimistic prediction is 11-6. Just a tough schedule. Injuries are always the wildcard(s). Watching the last 5 min's of the first KC game at PBS (damn Burrow/Chase could be a next level Manning/Harrison duo if they stay healthy enough). Looking forward to not having to rely on 55-60 yard FG's so often, if the o-line comes through. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhRt45jD7ZI
  6. General AFC North thread

    Meanwhile Mayfield's still looking for a job. What a clown. How does he not have his own thread?
  7. Round 1 (31): Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

    Why Daxton Hill Will Be The STEAL Of This Draft (posted 9 days ago): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ty_z5h4OhU
  8. Round 2 (60): Cam Taylor-Britt, CB, Nebraska

    So Britt can return punts, and along with Hill, excel at blitzing and run support also. Just seems like a solid pick to me, even after drafting Hill. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUn9-lAI2Po
  9. Round 3 (95): Zach Carter, DL, Florida

    3 week old comment says he'll be a steal, fwiw: (says he was misused as an Edge at FL) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMRN8sp_3x4
  10. Round 3 (95): Zach Carter, DL, Florida

    More of a DT in their plan?
  11. Round 2 (60): Cam Taylor-Britt, CB, Nebraska

    G next pick Burrow will pressure them, taunt staff with knee brace. Britt's HL's are impressive
  12. Round 2 (60): Cam Taylor-Britt, CB, Nebraska

  13. Round 1 (31): Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

    Hill it is, he'll contribute right away and provide good depth, good pick.
  14. Round 1 (31): Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

    or Booth...
  15. Round 1 (31): Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

    Hard to pass-up Hill if there I guess
  16. Round 1 (31): Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

    Strange, yikes
  17. Round 1 (31): Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

    Wyatt, Booth, Hill, or one of the ILB's I guess.
  18. Round 1 (31): Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

    Can't imagine JJ will last, Ravens get Linderbaum, f**k
  19. Round 1 (31): Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

    A little curious how/why the Lions didn't draft a QB. Granted the options weren't ideal. Hamilton doesn't look too excited about moving to Baltimore.
  20. 2022 NFL Draft

    Maybe best Def player works, need rotational guys/starters at CB, DT, depth at LB, S. Another DE wouldn't hurt if he's an impact type. Just get the best dude.
  21. Offseason Thoughts

    Soooo....CB (with 1st pick). CBS imagines S Daxton Hill to Bengals: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2022-nfl-mock-draft-cowboys-land-another-elite-defensive-talent-texans-get-saucy-in-first-round/
  22. Bubble? BUBBLE?

    So if the weather gets bad and it floods, they can't use it. Great. No shortage of air pollution down there either outdoors. I say put it all in a bubble with the SuperBowl dough.
  23. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    Denzel Ward $100 mill, yikes Cleveland.
  24. Urban Meyer Burned to the Ground

    Yikes, not that I necessarily believe all of the silly Tebow stuff either, but he DID bring him in, which in and of itself is highly suspicious at this point. To think I used to admire the guy, at least when he was with OSU, but he's nothing but a clown at this point. Going the way of Tommy Tubberville.
  25. Bubble? BUBBLE?

    IF they actually build this I will change my forum name. And give me a break Mem, no one's brought this up for months, maybe over a year, so whatever.