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  1. Just when I was feeling a bit better about all of the assistant coaching changes, Marvin reminds us of why he'll always be Mediocre Marvin: https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/2/2/16965216/bengals-marvin-lewis-russell-bodine-insanity-frank-pollack
  2. Vontaze is going to miss some time XD

    Well they're saying 4 games and his defense is pretty bad, it's why they suddenly signed Brown I'm guessing. They have a real problem with their o-line and LB's, even with Glenn. They can't afford not to pick an OT/G/C or LB at least once in the first two rounds.
  3. Marvin Praises Bodine, Wants Him Back (not good)

    Bodine might actually be gone, no idea how they afford anyone else unless some cuts are made. Even Jones doesn't seem to be an option to re-sign now. I am happy with those moves if they stay that way (not so sure they will).
  4. Eifert Re-Signs with Bengals

    Maybe they can get a couple of games out of him before he gets hurt.
  5. Vontaze is going to miss some time XD

    As I've said - unreliable player, can't count on him, time to move on and eye a replacement in the draft.
  6. 2018 is now starting at the midpoint of the 2017 season

    Burfict to me is unreliable and a short term solution for anyone due to his repeated concussions and permanent knee issue (going off memory here - think it's his knee). If he's not being suspended, he's coming out of games constantly with injuries - almost every game there at the end of the season he was taking a knee multiple times it seemed, and he just isn't as effective as he used to be as a result. IF they can get good value for him - why not. But I'm guessing they probably won't be able to get enough for him (i.e. a 3rd rounder and/or a starter from the Raiders who fills a need here). That said, he's their best LB by far, changes that defense - my concern if they trade him, is how they replace him. They'll need a 1st round/Pro-Bowl level talent or FA. Hell they desperately need a stud LB like that regardless, dropping down to #21 sort of counts that out most likely (can maybe find a productive guy, but not a big play-making talent that can dominate a game). I could be wrong there if a player drops down to them, not sure. Final thought is that I hope Marvin realizes how badly they need LB's - seriously the guys they have suck, and don't tell me Vigil is going to turn into the next Zach Thomas, the guy is just quality depth and a nickel player on playoff caliber teams, not a guy you can count on for 3 downs - plus he's going to get hurt a lot (too small) and showed us that last season, when you treat him like a 3-down LB instead of a situational and ST's guy.
  7. Bengals trade for Cordy Glenn!!

    Hmm, he's had some pretty significant injury issues the last 2 years, but, I guess I'm not going to complain about being proactive and trading for a starter. Prior to 2016 he was super solid. Is the 1st round swap confirmed?
  8. 2018 is now starting at the midpoint of the 2017 season

    When he drops to the 2nd, Marvin and Mike won't be able to resist. Nothing like another under-developed, under-motivated player to go along with Andre Smith too.
  9. Bengals' Interested In Safeties

    The article I read made it seem as though he had a comparable deal from the Bengals', but chose the Saints (I would certainly view them as significantly stronger SB contenders vs the Bengals).
  10. Bengals' Interested In Safeties

    The Coleman situation sounds like it might have legs. Local guy (Dayton/Buckeye). I assume the Bengals' lost faith in, or don't feel Williams will be 100% next year? (no idea, news to me) Reports: Kurt Coleman visiting with Saints, Bengals at NFL Combine
  11. Bengals' Interested In Safeties

    Saints signed him, because of course....
  12. Wraith's Bengals only 7 round mock.

    IDK - seeing several mentions of Nelson being a top 5 pick now, because they think he can play OT well (or anywhere really). Either way, I think he's probably gone at #12 now, and the Bengals' pick someone reasonably disappointing at OT instead - as their LT need is critical and counting on Cedric to improve again is insanity. I'm hoping they're smart enough, as much as I would love to see 3 Olineman on day one, to take a LB (or S) in the first 3 rounds, sandwiched or along with 2 o-lineman. Agree that they can find a competitive bargain at RT in the 3rd or 4th to compete with someone a that spot. Per the norm, there just aren't enough draft picks to fill the Bengals' needs since they don't use FA well, or hardly at all, so they always come-up short, but that's life as a Bengals' fan.
  13. Quenton Nelson

    I would do it for Nelson and move him to OT. He's just increasing his stock at the combine with this 34-35 bench reps and weighing-in at 325, now some are saying he's a top 5 prospect since he is so versatile. If he's the first o-lineman off the board, not sure how he makes it to 12. The Bengals' are always stingy with picks, so can't see them doing it, but if the opp is there to just move-up a couple of spots to nab him and only lose a 3rd rounder - sure. Outside of that you just pray he falls for some reason - but it's looking less likely every day. I could be wrong, but it seems trading-up in the 1st often requires more than a 3rd round pick - might be something like a 2nd rounder the following year, could be wrong, but unless it's Ki-Jana Carter part Deux (Barkley!) Brown won't do it for a lineman.
  14. Quenton Nelson

    Will be hard to pass him up.
  15. Quenton Nelson

    This is what they "should do" by most all accounts, but that usually means they won't do it, and will instead continue with their failed Mike Brown-led philosophy of de-valuing Guards, Centers, Safeties and LB's, and being soft-up-the-middle again (which has systematically led to all kinds of failures over the years on the field). They draft a Safety #1 every once in a blue moon, the Safeties they have now are overrated and not very good ultimately, it's just another need they have, but I don't know how you get out of addressing the o-line without signing a quality FA or two there, and drafting some lineman as well.
  16. Marvin Praises Bodine, Wants Him Back (not good)

    They excel at making the least possible amount of effort to upgrade players, especially if they're Centers or Safeties or LB's. What's even sadder is that there isn't a single local writer or media personality calling them out on these blatantly obvious, questionable things (and why I don't read anything other than "news"). The fluff that is McAlister, Broo, Hobson, Lapham etc.., is mundane, predictable, cliche' nonsense. So the Bengals' can get away with just about anything (including f'ing up the McCarron situation most recently, and extending Marvin).
  17. Quenton Nelson

    Latest "good" mock draft I saw had him going just before the Bengals' 1st pick, with the Bengals' picking his teammate McGlinchy (I wouldn't have an issue with that and putting him at RT).
  18. Quenton Nelson

    Yeah - my hope is a Guard will drop as I can't remember the last G drafted in the top 10 (off the top of my head any ways). Nelson is the best over-all lineman in years - and with a weak C and no RG on this team, seems like an obvious choice. I assume they won't get anyone nearly as good in FA. They need a LB in the worst possible way as well, but maybe FA or a mid-round pick could work there.
  19. Potential Coaching Candidates

    No complaints here.
  20. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Bengals' hire Alex Van Pelt as QB coach from GB: https://sports.yahoo.com/m/e98ffedd-9637-3c57-9cc6-0e35772ab045/ss_bengals-sign-packers’-alex.html
  21. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Never won a playoff game in 20 years either. There are a lot of better o-line coaches out there. Alexander's junk.
  22. Well it's become obvious the major sticking point for Marvin, was the ability to pick his own coaching staff. Can't argue with the moves. Won't mean a whole lot in the short term unless they replace some players as well, like 6-7 starters ideally.
  23. They're in the "let's just be competitive enough to sell fools tickets" business.
  24. "The Bengals practiced outdoors on a rainy, 45-degree afternoon - they're the only northern NFL team without a covered practice field." - AP It was 31 degrees today in Cincy. I'm still waiting for the "advantage" of practicing in bad weather constantly to pay-off for this franchise. If you were an NFL player, why would you want to play here? How much are you really getting done outdoors on a cold, wet field and day? You're limited and get hurt more easily.
  25. Important to remember....playoffs 5 years

    Unfortunately, regardless of Marvin, I expect Dalton to still be Dalton - every bit the "choker" Marvin is and has been.