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  1. Happy thanksgiving :)

    Thirteen long years if you think about it.
  2. Happy thanksgiving :)

    And the same to you Jon!
  3. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

  4. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Zimmer is fired up and is active on the sidelines. We have Lewis who acts like he sipping green tea out of a cup with his pinky finger out.
  5. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Cincy won't lose to Cleveland at home, giving Marvin more footing to keep his job. Dammit. Now a quick comment on the Thanksgiving Day game. Mike Zimmer has the Vikings looking VERY strong! I think they'll roll to 9-2!
  6. Bengals @ Broncos Game Thread

    No meaner than losing every playoff game you'v ever been a head coach in.
  7. Bengals @ Broncos Game Thread

    A win only helps Marvin keep his damn job...
  8. Congrats Newman.

    Final race of the season for the Nascar playoffs. Two Toyotas vs Two Ford's. Get some Brad and Kevin!
  9. NFL Boycott? Are you watching?

    On the road.
  10. Just not feeling it

    There is friction between Jerry and Rodger.
  11. Bengals @ Broncos Game Thread

    Again I believe the Bengals will fall in the road game. Too many problems on both sides of the ball!
  12. Just because I'm bored.

    Im bored again...
  13. Andy Dalton's contract for 2018 and beyond

    Well if Marvin's house is located anywhere close to to where I live here in Arizona, I'm gonna egg it.
  14. Andy Dalton's contract for 2018 and beyond

    I'd be far more happier if I read Marvin Lewis had placed his house on the market.
  15. Bengals @ Titans Game Thread

    Did you doubt?