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  1. Nothing makes me happier than watching Jimmie Johnson over drive his car and eat a little wall.
  2. No rebuild will ever work when you get good players and just keep trading them away. The Reds are no more than a farm team for organizations committed to winning.
  3. And to think back in the '60's I was down with the Browns. Could it be this led to my later indiscretions in life?
  4. They traded away all the good pitching. Stupid sons of bitches.
  5. I miss the days of Sparky driving the Big Red Machine...
  6. As I said, wait for it. Here we are in late July and the Reds again reside in the cellar, 10.5 games out and still sinking.
  7. He's lucky that's all he got.
  8. Eff I Pads too. Gayest things ever.
  9. I've sucked balls the past two seasons anyway!
  10. Here's the deal. The company I've worked at for the last 10 years was bought out by another company lock, stock and barrel. They have many new policies, one being no internet use for non management employees. I'm not going to try to do the draft and keep up on weekly moves on a stinking smartphone, so I guess I'm out.
  11. Will do. Previous interruptions were brief, but this one had me a bit worried.
  12. Thanks B24/Terry.
  13. Mike and I believe Marvin as well love to dance with the devil.
  14. No doubt. His all time best.
  15. I just realized our new kicker Jake Elliott's helmet won't change much from the one he wore in college.