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  1. Aint that the truth.
  2. Any lineman now!
  3. I felt this pick coming. Mike and Marvin cannot resist talented reclamation projects.
  4. I'll be on the road for the draft tonight. I'll have to check in here for results.
  5. I can't watch the Steelers draft. Always pissed me off.
  6. The Browns are spending money like a sailor on shore leave!
  7. And we still haven't traded back up into the first round. Ain't gonna happen.
  8. I don't know how you guys back east are still up watching this and have to show up to work tomorrow. I don't want to drag my ass through a Friday.
  9. This worries many here. Not just you.
  10. Eifert of course!
  11. When is the last time Cincy moved up?
  12. If we go TE, get someone who doesn't sit out with hangnails. We need a Gronk type.
  13. Wow, that was a brief snapshot in time.
  14. Personally I'm hoping we go OL now.
  15. Well Arizona needed defensive help.