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  1. NFL Playoffs

    The Steelers won' be bring their OC Haley back. Tomlin is probably safe.
  2. NFL Playoffs

    Florio reports several Steeler minority owners are calling for Tomlin to be fired. They site a lack of urgency late in the game. IMO Tomlin was waiting for the refs to bail him out again!
  3. NFL Playoffs

    The Titans @ Patriots game was a snoozer.
  4. NFL Playoffs

    Frankly, Steeler fans can suck it.
  5. Bengals

    Welcome Mike!
  6. NFL Playoffs

    Big Ben throws five touchdowns and still manages to lose the game. I am loving it!!
  7. NFL Playoffs

    As far as football games go, today we got two good ones!
  8. NFL Playoffs

    So the playoff win record is Zimmer one, Marvin Zilch.
  9. NFL Playoffs

    Zimmer's Vikings Win!!
  10. NFL Playoffs

    Vikings looking VERY strong early.
  11. NFL Playoffs

    Personally I think the Jags have a shot next Sunday against the Pats.
  12. NFL Playoffs

    At home no less!!
  13. NFL Playoffs

    Finally I call one!
  14. NFL Playoffs

  15. NFL Playoffs

    Indeed Jon.