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  1. I respect that.
  2. Which is what they do worst.
  3. Clearing phone shit. Ignore post.
  4. Well we need to make Cincinnati great again because this shit ain't working.
  5. Hockey blows, the NBA is only watchable in the finals, and March Madness is yet to come. I feel the need for SPEED!
  6. I hear you man. Folks around here love to talk about potential draft picks or free agency, but ignoring the biggest problem that exists. Marvin Lewis is a poor head coach.
  7. Question. Who orchestrates this revolving door?
  8. My view is Marvin Lewis is still holding the head coaching job. If there is a way to fail, he will find it.
  9. Which leads to a TD!!
  10. The only thing that would make this better woukd seeing Pittsburgh taking this beatdown.
  11. 21-0 Atlanta. Brady went pick six. I'm loving it!!
  12. Ditto.
  13. Touchdown Atlanta.
  14. Gotta get Sanu into the game.