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  1. If I were a Raiders fan I'd be pissed. The two I know hate this move.
  2. Well hell. My Wildcats lost. Great game though! I'm a South Carolina fan from here out. GO GAMECOCKS!!
  3. Congrats to South Carolina. Defeating Florida and making their first trip to the Final Four.
  4. Plus I would rather not watch ANY movie on anything less than a big screen TV with a sound system. I get so angry trying to PornHub it on my phone. It makes their boobs too small, the all important dialogue difficult to hear and money shots seem like loose change.
  5. Now #1 Kansas falls to Oregon 74-60. Tell me the mountain of broken brackets isn't approaching epic levels.
  6. Won't that eat my data?
  7. Yeah, Xavier goes down to Gonzaga. Still they had an excellent season. Well done for a small school, they have my respect.
  8. I really want to see this one.
  9. It seems eight years are enough for Cincinnati. Time to go younger and faster I think.
  10. OMG! Florida just pulled off one of the most amazing wins I've ever seen!!
  11. I'm ecstatic that Kentucky got revenge for the earlier season loss to UCLA. It couldn't have come at a better time. The SEC is representing well in the March Madness! GO BIG BLUE!!!
  12. It feels as if they're simply grasping at straws, hoping to find a good one.
  13. Holy s**t! #11 Xavier knocks off #2 Arizona to go to the Elite Eight. If you guys didn't see this one, you missed a great game!
  14. Of course.
  15. Agreed. Off the field not so much.