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Chad to play CB


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Apparently Chad Johnson has been getting reps as a CB during Pro Bowl practices, and if circumstances permit will play that position for a few snaps during the game.


Whoa up there hoss. You're saying Bengals WR Chad Johnson MAY be getting a chance to play a few snaps in the Pro Bowl at not just a different position, but on the defensive side of the ball to boot?

Hmmm. I doubt that'll happen, but who the hell knows? It is just the stinkin', counts for nuthin that matters to me, Pro Bowl/NFL's Official Popularity Contest. If he by some miracle does get to play man coverage on defense, he better not get lit up and burned for a TD! Every DB in the league, (and especially the Bengals DB's!!) would never let him live it down!

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Wow, if Shanny lives up to that it'll be awesome. It sucks that a deserving Pro Bowl corner would lose a few snaps, but meh... it's Chad Johnson! If they let him in there for a play or two, I'd put some money down on him snagging a pick.

It's all fun and games until someone puts an eye out! :angry: Seriously, I hope he doesn't get hurt.


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Chad is dedicating his performance to Carson.

Chad can do some cheesy endzone s**t, and eat off the 99 cents menu at Mickey D's all he wants, but it won't tarnish the class he has shown in making that statement. :sure:

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Chad asked Daugherty if the thought Marvin would let him play DB next year and he politely told him, "uh, no."



Also, did anybody see the skills competition or ESPN's pregame show? They had a nice piece about Chad and all of his endzone celebrations and then they had a spot that had a young Hawaiian lady teaching Chad (and Michael Irvin) the hula. It was pretty comical.

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