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Rover D's First Round Mock


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1. Houston

Reggie Bush, RB (USC)

I can think of a million reasons that they should trade this pick, but there’s one that overrides everything…marketability, and Reggie Bush gives them that. They should take D’Brickashaw, but that would be smart… and they can’t do that.

2. New Orleans

Vince Young, QB (Texas)

The Saints think long and hard about taking Leinart, but they decide to stick with the familiar mobile quarterback, and a great one in Vince Young.

3. Tennessee

Matt Leinart, QB (USC)

Norm Chow pushes the organization to take Leinart when he becomes available by lobbying and talking him up as much as possible.

4. New York Jets

D’Brickashaw Ferguson, OT (UVA)

Herm will be gone and that makes me think this team will be blown up to fit the personality of the new coach. Picking up a “franchise” LT seems smart, and they will be surprised to see him fall this far.

5. Green Bay

A.J. Hawk, OLB (OSU)

This is another team with a lot of needs, but this is a great pick. He’s great against the run and pressuring the QB and he’s not a liability in coverage. He’ll bolster the defense right away.

6. San Francisco

Ahmad Brooks, LB (Virginia)

They are crushed when Hawk goes to the Packers, but they pick up a great linebacker here.

7. Oakland

Mario Williams, DE (NC State)

They’ll bring in a new QB in the offseason. Culpepper maybe? Either way, they’ll focus on defense. They really need help in the middle, but the line is just horrible. Mario is to great of a physical specimen to ignore.

8. Buffalo

Holati Ngata (Oregon)

Ngata is an underachiever, but the team needs someone to take over the spot of departure Pat Williams.

9. Detroit

Jimmy Williams, CB (Va. Tech)

Hopefully Millen gets the boot, and this team can make a step in the right direction. Williams is a good pick here. Think a poor man’s Sean Taylor. Big, fast, and GOOD.

10. Arizona

DeAngelo Williams (Memphis)

I know, I know…a second rounder on J.J. Arrington last year. But he hasn’t done anything, and there aren’t any QB prospects worth taking at this point, and Green still has faith in Josh McCown… for some reason.

11. St. Louis

Mathias Kiwanuka (Boston College)

Leonard Little is ageing fast, and Kiwanuka is too good to pass up at this point.

12. Cleveland

Gabe Watson, DT (Michigan)

They need so much that they can go pretty much anywhere here. They need a big time gap stuffer to throw into the middle of their 3-4, and Watson is the best available.

13. Baltimore

Darnell Bing, SS (USC)

Baltimore has been looking for a replacement for Will Demps for a long time, and know they find one.

14. Philadelphia

Winston Justice, OT (USC)

This team’s problems, well at least those on the field, began and ended with the trenches. Runyan looks like he’s gone and the rest of the line is getting old. Winston needs a little work, but Reid will end up looking like a genius on this one.

15. Atlanta

Tamba Hali, DE (PSU)

This team needs to get their defensive line up and running again. Drafting Hali will allow Babineaux to move back inside for depth at DT which should in turn improve their run defense.

16. Miami

Marcus McNeill, OT (Auburn)

Saban likes his SEC guys. QB could be a pick here, but my money says Brees ends up in Miami. McNeill is massive (6-9, 330) and is (in this guy’s opinion) the best OT in the draft. Injury concerns with his back are the only thing that make him drop a little bit. Brown lobbies hard for this pick.

17. Minnesota

Demeco Ryans, LB (Alabama)

This team’s defensive line is dominant. The secondary has potential. All they need to solidify the defense is an improvement from the linebacking corps. Ryans provides that here.

18. Dallas

Jay Cutler, QB (Vanderbilt)

Dallas needs to start thinking about the future at some point. They were built to win this year (their best lineman didn’t start just say they could switch to the almighty 3-4 for christ’s sake) and we all know what happened. Beyond that, they’ve had such QB problems since Aikman retired that they’ll look to settle them here. Had Cutler played for a major program, he’d be a top 10 pick. Unfortunately for him, he’ll get to play against Taylor and Rogers his entire career.

19. San Diego

Santonio Holmes, WR (OSU)

McCardell is getting up there in years and Rivers will need a target other than Gates to throw to.

20. Kansas City

Chad Greeenway, OLB (Iowa)

The chiefs need so much defensive help they’ll take ANYONE. Greenway teamed with DJ will give them a solid LB corps for the next decade.

21. Tampa Bay

Claude Wroten, DT (LSU)

Tampa has a GREAT defense, but they’re soft against the run. Wroten is a high motor guy that will give them a disruptive player in the middle.

22. Jacksonville

Mercedes Lewis, TE (UCLA)

Jimmy Smith is getting old, and the team has the receivers to replace him, but Lewis makes them even more effective by forcing a safety to pay attention to him rather than Matt Jones or Reggie Williams.

23. Cincinnati

LaRon Landry, S (LSU)

Schweiny almost dies when we don’t take Huff, but Landry is, in my opinion the best safety prospect in years. He’s a Marvin guy, and he fits in right away with Madieu. He is an interchangeable guy, just like Huff, but he is more of a pure Strong safety than Huff.

24. New York Giants

Michael Huff, S, (Texas)

The Giants’ secondary has been the biggest problem for this team. With no big CBs on the board, they take a kid that can play either safety position. They are shocked that he is still on the board, and they pick him about 5 minutes into there time.

25. Carolina

Eric Winston, OT (Miami)

Carolina needs an upgrade on the offensive line. Jordan Gross is solid, but no one else on the roster impresses me.

26. Denver (from Washington)

Vernon Davis, TE (Maryland)

A physical specimen who is dangerous in the passing game. Offers Jake Plummer another receiving threat, something Lelie hasn’t been consistently.

27. Pittsburgh

LenDale White, RB (USC)

He’s perfect for the offense, but there is an urge to take a corner here. The recent play of Ike Taylor talks them out of it. I like White, but hopefully

28. Denver

Brodrick Bunkley, DT (Florida State)

This line is getting old…very old.

29. New England

Max Jean-Gilles, OG (Georgia)

They could go with the secondary here, but the young line needs help. They get it right here with the best lineman in the draft.

30. Seattle

Elvis Dumervil, DE (Louisville)

Elvis is a tough pick to project. He could go here or he could drop to the end of the second/early third. Hard to ignore his production regardless of his lack of size.

31. Chicago

Chad Jackson, WR (Florida)

This team needs major offensive help. They’ll take the best receiver on the board at this point. He’s big and strong, and they need a chain mover opposite Muhsin Muhammed.

32. Indianapolis

Tye Hill, CB (Clemson)

The Colts secondary can get that much better with the addition of an impact player, and Hill is that guy.

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couple things i dis agree wit

Watson will be luckey to get drafted in late round 1

Pretty Sure Ahmad Brooks has decide to go back to college an dif he came out he would be drafted lower cause of his poor injury plagued season

DArnell bing is a big reach at 13 Huff , Landry and Simpson all rank higher then him

really like the Landry pick cuase its an option in real lfe but we wouldn't pass on huff who is a lock for the top 15

vernon Davis will go much higher he is a workout warrior

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23. Cincinnati

LaRon Landry, S (LSU)

Schweiny almost dies when we don’t take Huff, but Landry is, in my opinion the best safety prospect in years. He’s a Marvin guy, and he fits in right away with Madieu. He is an interchangeable guy, just like Huff, but he is more of a pure Strong safety than Huff.

Write up my obit now :lol:

Landry -- if he has in fact declared -- should be a great upgrade at S, but the more I watch the more I'm convinced that not only what is more needed but the more likely to be prioritized for safety is one with lots of speed who can come closest to covering a WR or TE in man as well as butt hats with the likes of a Reuben Droughns.

I remember watching Madieu get strapped on an island covering the Jets speed receivers in the season opener in 2004 when O'Neal was out and even though he lost a couple of those battles he was right there like a true cover corner should be.

And I remember Madieu tackling Droughns a couple times in space on MNF with nobody behind him to clean up a whiff. That's the combination in a safety that make the biggest dent in improving the D IMO.

I just don't think Landry, Bing, or KO is gonna bring both elements. Huff or Jimmy Williams should and maybe Demario Minter or Donte Whinter.

Of course, team needs will fluctuate prior to the draft based on the beginning of free agency in March.

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I think a lot of people are overlooking Jimmy Williams, who you just brought up there schweiny. The only reason I don't see us getting Williams is that he is probably the best corner in the draft, so he could go earlier.

On the flipsde, if we can wait til the second or third round to take Whitner, that frees us up to take a big D tackle or pass rushing D - End, or even take a tight end like so many people want.

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That's a well-thought out mock Rover with lots of insight. B)

Top 10 wise right now, I'd have to roll with:

1. Vince Young Texans

2. Reggie Bush Aints

3. Matt Leinart Titans

4. D'Brickashaw Jets

5. DeAngelo Williams Pack

6. Mario Williams Niners

7. AJ Hawk LB Raiders

8. Vernon Davis TE Bills

9. Jay Cutler QB Lions

10. Eric Winston LT Zona

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