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Is there a prediction thread yet?


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Bengals 24, Steelers 17

The first big step on our way to the AFC North crown.


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This is a blow-out.

Cincy 47 - Pitt 21

Man, I just dare to think what I might do should something like this really happen! Living in Pittsburgh for so long, taking so much abuse, I just wish I could come up with something that would be the appropriate reaction should they handily win by 20 or 30.

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Bengals 45

Steelers 35

Of all outcomes, the most shocking to me would be if two teams that control time of possession as much as these two would manaage to score over 80 points.

I just have a gut feeling that the Bengals will be able to stop the pass, but not the run, and the Steelers will be able to stop the run but not the pass. So the Steelers generate 300 yards on the ground and hold the ball for 40 minutes while the Bengals have the ball for just 20 minutes but put up 400 yards passing.

OTOH, I could be completely insane... :lol:

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Whatever ESPN says never really stays true for the Bengals in big games. They predicted a win for the Bengals against the Jags, and look how that turned out.

I have two predicitions for this game:

1.) If the Bengals run defense shows up to play, and the offense gets off to a fast start, the Bengal's will win 27-17

2.)If the Bengals run defense doesn't show up, we are DEAD. Bengals loose 31-21

Are the Steelers going to be W/O Hines Ward for this game? It won't matter, the Steelers just need to run the ball to win.

This is a make or break for the Bengals. Come on Defense STEP IT UP!

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I love how Ron Jaworski is all high as kite on the Bengals on Monday Night Countdown, and syas he'll be at the game and in the locker room to see how the Bengals players interact and how he's so excited about the bengals.

then he puts then #3 on his power rankings list...and the steelers not even rated in his top 5.

Thursday rolls around, the guy picks the steelers to win on the road....


The better team at home losing to the worser team according to him?

I hope the Chiefs go 2-14 cause of him.

BTW LOAD 8 in the box and make Ben throw the ball.

If we do this, by the end of the game Ben qb's rating will be below Carson's for the season.

Bengals win 31-17 if put in the box.

I sware iwant us to unviel a 3-4

the DE's Thorton and Robinson, Big daddy Smith at NT, Justin and Pollack as the outside lb's, and Simmons and Odell in the Middle.

With KK blitzing nonstop.

Ohelete In cover one, with James and Oneal just covering the ouside routes. Ohelete takes the midle and Smith and pollack rush nonstop

simmons covers the the TE and Odell just runs freely/spys the qb.

This of course on sure running downs and on some 2 wr sets.

All Thorton Robinson and Smith would have to do it try to take up 4 blockers, and give either Justin or Pollack a free shot at the QB.

this is assuming Madiue is out sunday.

Landon, Clemons and Geathers will mix in with the Lb's and De's to keep everyone fresh, just keep mixing it up.

Bid daddy smith cna go out and let robinson go there, so he can take a breather..and Either Geather or Justin can play the DE while Landon takes up Justin;s spot.

Keep mixing it up on them so they're all fresh.

That O line would be run to the ground by mid 3rd Q.

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Are the Steelers going to be W/O Hines Ward for this game? It won't matter, the Steelers just need to run the ball to win.

Actually it does matter. Jacksonville has the 24th ranked rushing defense in the league. They are allowing over 120 yards/game on the ground, and the Steelers mustered only 73 yards on the ground against them. This is because without Big Ben or Ward, the Jags knew they could stack the box, eve more than usual against the Steelers.

Ben will be back, but not at 100%. If Ward doesn't play, and with Randel El, and Wilson both hurting, it might be a full game of 8 in-the-box. If Ward is there though, we will need to respect him, and Bettis will get his yards right down our throat.

We've only allowed 4 rushing TD's this year, so we've been fairly successful this year. The last two games weren't quite as impressive, but we are still winning the TOP regularly, while Pittsburgh is losing it regularly.

The reason why a running game is so deadly is because it drains the clock, keeps our offense off the field, and our defense on the field getting tired. However, If they aren't even winning the time of possession stat, it means that their running game isn't doing those things.

I couldn't begin to predict a score. Too many variables... but I bet it will be very close, will be won or lost in the last 2 minutes... and might even go into overtime. My guess... home field advantage sends Pittsburgh home sad.

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I too think it will be a close, hard fought game. Bengals win in the final minutes on a huge drive by Palmer setting up the game winning field goal by Graham for a 3 point win. Final score:

nflsteelers3lo.gif Pittsburgh 24

nflbengals1nn.gif Cincinnati 27

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