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One more year

Humanzee 5000

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I'm really enjoying this season, and yesterday I was looking over the guys we have and I was thinking. We'll almost be COMPLETE after one more draft. imagining that we'll only have 7 picks next year, how does everyone see our draft going. I just can't wait till there aren't any positions for us to gripe over!

1.) SS

2.) DT (even though it will take a few years to REALLY contribute

3.) TE

4.) DT

5.) P

6.) CB

7.) LB

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Well, to start with, we have a lot of guys coming up for extentions that need to be addressed before looking at where the draft may go. Next thing assuming extentions are covered is what position is a need. I love Tory as much as the next guy, but think CB has to be addressed before the 6th round. Free agency as well as the Collective Bargaining Agreeement will play into it as well. All in time, bring on the Bears !!!


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Will there be any good safeties available at the 32nd pick? Marvin will find one. :afro:

I can't believe you guys are talking about this in the 3rd week of the season. Depending on who gets hurt, who plays well or doesn't this year, and where they end up in the draft, and who they re-sign or don't, could change that priority list completely by January.

So, I'm just thinkin' about Sunday and this season, and the upcoming showdowns with the Squealers hopefully. :afro:

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SS - I think Bengal fans are more interested in adding a traditional thumper than Marvin has ever shown. I'd look for another tweener type in the mold of the players Lewis has started, Herring & K2, than a rugged traditional SS. IMHO, Lewis places more emphasis on speed and coverage ability than size and hitting ability.

P - Forget it. I'm satisfied with Larson and I imagine Marvin is too.

LB & CB - Can't see it now unless there's one too good to ignore.

TE - Yup, but I have strong doubts they'll look at one early.

I'd add to the watch list...

DE - If they can add a true speed player I can see them using a very high pick here.

OT - Both current starters are going to be free agents and I've got my doubts they'll even attempt to extend both.

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Why is it that some of #itch and complain about a post. Just don't respond at all. When you do, you just sound like a bunch of morons. Having said that, I have no response to this post. JK.

I see us using our picks as follows: DT, CB, or the other way around depending on what is available, OL, SS, LB, WR, OL.

I see us going to FA for some more defensive help as well.

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