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Minnesota - Why we will win


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I didnt think we had allot of worries with the Vikings BEFORE they had their O-Line problems....

this isnt the Vikes of yesteryear when they had Robert Smith/Randy Moss/Chris Carter trio that could score and score some more....

The Vikes are 16-14 the past two season....take Moss out of the equasion and they would have a losing record in that time imo... now they dont have him ..

We can pressure Culpepper .....I think we can force him into turnovers via fumble ( which he has a tendency due to his small hands ) or interception....

We're becoming a team that creates turnovers due to our athleticism..We have playmakers all over the field now...

Our offense will move the ball on the ground..

Palmer will take what they give him until they box in some and then he'll try to go behind them.... Its a chess match and we have better pieces on the board..

Cincy 27 Vikes 17 Bengals will cover the 3 pt spread imo.....

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After seeing the hilights and looking at the stats from last weeks Bengals game, as well as the ViQueens game, I feel a WHOLE lot better about the Bengals matching up with them on Sunday.

I'm still a bit nervous about the pass coverage, but at least the defense wasn't RUN roughshod over. If Cincy keeps stopping the run, plays pass defense a bit better, (especially on 3rd down) and the offense just keeps doing what they've been doing, We should handle this visit from Minnesota and send them back north with a "L!"

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we will beat the vikes because we are better than they are. they went 8-8 in a very very week nfc. we went 8-8 in a whole lot stronger afc .but any ways bengals roll in this one 28 - 17 bengals

Last year's 8-8 Vikings no longer exist. They've lost their best player, and upgraded their terrible defense. It's impossible to tell how well they'll play based off of last weeks Buccaneers game or especially not last season.

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I wouldn't take the Vikes too lightly...

Adding Darren Sharper, Fred Smoot, Antoine Winfield, Napoleon Harris, Sam Cowart and Pat Williams to the mix there is going to make them pretty solid at some point.

With the Bengals' anemic pass rush and Culpepper's size and mobility - you could have shoot out.

The fans need to create a tough environment for the Vikes offense.

I gotta think it's going to be a tough win either way.

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I think this game is closer than many predict. The Bengals need a pass rush and i know many of you think we didn't rush so that we could stop the run, but the team has to be able to run blitz and blitz for sack. If the Bengals have another sackless game, this game could end up in the 30's. Right now i think the Bengals win with homefield, and if they find a pass rush (while still stopping the run), they could run away in the 2nd half, barring any mistakes.

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1. Scott linehan was not the soul of the offense. Loney knows the offense as well as Scott did we are running the same plays. Culpepper said it was the oline that broke it open.

2. We wouldn't have won the game even with Randy Moss, the problem was the oline was like a swining gate and culpepper didn't have time..it was the O-Line. When we replaced the ROOKIE RT, culpepper got time and started passing very good and got us back into the game, but Tice waited TOO long to pull him. and TICE didn't put it Troy Williamson until late into the fourth period. and guess what? Tampa bay double covered him as he is faster than their CBs. I have seen both moss and williamson and williamson is as fast if not faster than moss.

3. Right now Culpepper is RATED as the worst QB in the league, does anybody really believe that? 2 of the interceptions were NOT Culpeppers fault. One of the fumbles was when the ball came off his hand has he was passing. just one of those flukie things. Very misleading game. We turned the ball over 5 times and yet were still in it til the end. and against a great Bucs defense.

4. Troy Williamson and Koren Robinson are going to play this sunday much more.

5. I don't predict who is going to win or not, as too many variables. But Culpepper when embarassed has come out and had his best games the next week. so it should be interesting.

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Daute Culpepper will destroy this defense with the pass. Hopefully they won't be able to run, and CP and company can get us a lead. Only then will we win.


  QUOTE (bengalfreek @ Sep 15 2005, 06:13 AM)

Daute Culpepper will destroy this defense with the pass. 


LOL!! No offense bengalfreek, but you picked a good name to match that freaky post. ^_^

If you don't mind, would you please predict all of next weeks NFL games so I can pick the opposite of that in my office pool? :rolleyes:

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