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2024 Schedule


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Coming out on Wednesday. Opener was announced today, Baltimore @ KC. So at least we know we aren't playing the Ravens right out of the gate. Given the league's preference to load division games up and the beginning and end of the season, I'd bet on either Cleveland or Pitt week 1.


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So who are we rooting for in that game...  KC or the Ravens?  I suppose the Chiefs since the Ravens are in our division.
God, the thought of either makes me want to vomit.

I don't care who we play, as long it wasn't the Ravens.  That shit was getting old on week 1.
Bring on either the Steelers or Browns in the jungle week 1 !!!

Just have the team ready to start the season fast this year Zac !!!

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Tomorrow isn't that far, so I won't lose any sleep waiting to find out.

On a side note, this coming season will be the last one for ArmyBengal Jr. before he's a senior and may go away for college.
We are planning on a few road trips this year to catch both the Bengals and the Texans.
Texans at home against the Bears, Texans on the road against the Packers and then one more in Indy.
We will figure out the Bengals slate depending on which home games we decide to hit up.

Couple all that with Buckeyes games at the Shoe and it's going to be a great football season !!!


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Here’s the cbs sports leaks page if you want to track what’s out so far.


If the leaks are accurate Cincy is not playing on Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Christmas.

Sked so far:

Week 2 @ KC

Week 6 @ Giants (SNF) https://nypost.com/2024/05/15/sports/giants-2024-nfl-schedule-dates-and-opponents-for-weeks-1-18/

Week 8 Philly

Week 13 Pitt

Week 17 Denver

Week 18 @ Pitt

Also Pitt getting megafucked this year apparently. Start with two straight road games, end with three of four on the road (vs us, Philly and Baltimore) and a final home game vs. KC.

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