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Bengals vs Colts


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um rudy just fumbled on the 1 and they returned it to our 22.

Was it a fumble? I am listening to the game and the radio announcers thought it was very strange that the team didn't challenge it

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Bengals don't seem to be too bad tonight but their ball security is killing them. Enuf with the turnovers already!!!

Agreed. Overall I'd say it was a very good first half for them if you take away that one Rudi turnover. Don't know about the Kitna interception, but I'm not terribly concerned...at least it wasn't Palmer.

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just wondering who is our punt returner on opening day do u think its going to be tj since warricks been out. and i was looking up stats on nfl.com and mike vick tonight is 0/3 with 1 int and 1 fumble is he hurt does anyone know hes on my bros fantasy team just wondering i know its off the topic but just thought i asked

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