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2024 Reds


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Lets be honest, they could have signed the guy who played Fish on Barney Miller (yeah I'm old too) and improved that bullpen.

I like this signing for sure.  They need more work on the pitching though.  Starters and relievers.
I'm now in agreement with trading Jonathan India if it means getting a starting pitcher one way or another.

Just looked and Abe Vigoda died like 7 years ago.  Sadly he still might be an improvement...

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Money burning a hole in their pocket this offseason...


Infielder Jeimer Candelario and the Cincinnati Reds agreed on a three-year, $45 million contract Thursday, sources told ESPN, adding the veteran switch hitter to a plethora of young infielders as the Reds position themselves for a run at the National League Central title.

Candelario, 30, was non-tendered by the Detroit Tigers following the 2022 season but rebounded with a stellar 2023, setting career highs in home runs (22) and RBIs (70) while hitting .251/.336/.471 and playing first and third base for the Washington Nationals and Chicago Cubs. His deal with the Reds includes a club option for $15 million in 2027, sources said.


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So the talk is to trade India because we have too many infielders, but they hand out a 3 year deal for $45 million like it’s no big deal ??

I smell a bigger trade coming…

Oh and side note if you weren’t aware, in an against the odds happening, the Reds ended up with the #2 overall pick in the draft due to MLB’s lottery approach.

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28 minutes ago, TJJackson said:

so in sum, they are going to suck again, right?

Not sure where you’re getting the “again.” They didn’t suck last year, much to everyone’s surprise. Been pretty busy in the offseason. We’ll see if it pays off.


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Yeah, I think they will have another decent season and if the pitching can hold out, maybe even get to the post season.

Baseball is such a long season, I find it hard to stay entrenched in the every day stuff like I do with football.
Going to the games is a different experience as well.  Baseball is more social.
I've sat out in the right field bleachers drinking beer and barely even paid attention to the game.
Just sat and enjoyed a nice day chatting people up down on the river.

Go Reds !!!

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Pitchers and catchers report today.

The main site also has an article about the projected roster, which is interesting. I still can’t get over the amount of young talent this team has and the plethora of infielders capable of playing multiple positions.

I’m looking forward to spring and baseball being back !!

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